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Darrin Butters Acting for Animators

Darrin Butters Acting for Animators

Darrin Butters started at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in September of 1996 as an assistant animator. He quickly became an animator and was an integral part of bringing the characters to life in Disney’s groundbreaking animated feature Dinosaur. After completing work on Dinosaur, Darrin continued to lend his CG animating talents on such films as Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons and Bolt. In 2010, he was part of the animation team that brought us the wildly successful Tangled.

Most recently, Darrin worked as a CG character animator on Disney Animation’s upcoming holiday special Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice. He was responsible for breathing life into the characters and giving them personality. This is something he spent most of his life training for, having always dreamed of becoming either an animator or the host of “The Tonight Show.”

Darrin enjoys woodworking, teaching and performing Improvisational Theater. He lives with his wife and daughter in Glendale, CA.

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