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I Can't Believe They Paid Me For This

Friday, November 28th, 2008

My Sleeping Beauty Adventure 1956-1958
From my bio “Flyin’ Chunks and Other Things to Duck”

by Dorse Lanpher

The year…1956

After struggling through 5 semesters of The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles , California , I, at the age of 21, decided it was time to conquer the real world. I heard The Walt Disney Studio was looking for artists to help do an animated film entitled “Sleeping Beauty.” I had never really considered cartoon animation as a career but I needed a job and animation art sounded like fun.

I made an appointment to show my portfolio at Walt Disney Feature Animation. On that magic day I nervously carted my portfolio to the main gate of The Walt Disney Studio. Attempting great stage presence I announced my arrival to the guard. He gave me proper directions to my meeting place, Andy Engman’s office in the animation building, follow “Mickey Mouse Lane” to “Dopey Drive,” turn right and enter the animation building on my left…Andy’s office would be the first door on your left as you enter the animation building. Got it! The studio was beautiful. Well kept buildings, un-fearful, frisky squirrels scampering across grassy lawns edged with colorful flowers and large manicured trees. I felt very special walking up Mickey Mouse Lane , frightened, nervous and beatific.

Walt Disney Animation Building On the Lot


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