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Memories of 2005

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Alot happened in 2005. Please use this blog to add you comments and recount some of the events of the year.

Off the top of my head what comes to mind from our animation world is the loss of Production Designer and Visdev Artist Guy Deel, Story and Development Artists Vance Gerry and Joe Grant, Ex-cleanup artist Gilda Palingas, Head of Story Joe Ranft, Supervising Animator Frank Thomas and Concept and Development Artist Rowland Wilson.

CTN creates a “Legends” category for those giant artists like Vance Gerry whose shoulders we are now standing on.

ASIFA has created Biopedia! where we can add our memories of those legendary animation giants who have come before us.

We also got to thank directors Ron Clements and John Musker for all their creativity and movies as they left Walt Disney Feature Animation after 25 years and we celebrated supervising animator Andreas Deja’s 25th anniversay with the Walt Disney Company.

We celebrated the career of Executive Producer Pam Coats after 20 years of service with the Walt Disney Feature Animation .

The end of an era for those that were not retrained in 3D, we watched the last of over 300 traditional animation artists leave the Walt Disney Feature Animation department forever. Scattered around the world, these artists and other creatives are staying connected through The Creative Talent Network .

We also celebrated Character Designer Sue Nichols’ new marriage and had two very successful networking parties at Gordon Biersch in Burbank California.

CTN has gone from 35 members to 133 and affilliated with CreativeHeads.net to bring 100′s of job listings into your email box every week. CTN is also in negotiations with Van Eaton Galleries in Studio City California for up to 4 member shows for 2006. We at CTN thankyou for your continued support. We wouldn’t be anything without you as members.

2005 will go down as the year of the blog as artists flock to the internet using web logs to display and talk about artwork.

Many CTN members self publish childrens books and sketchbooks for the first time.

CTN participates in the first LA Art Festival.

20 year veteran animator from Walt Disney Feature Animation, Ellen Woodbury has relocated to Loveland Colorado to pursue a career as a sculptor.

Walt Disney Feature Animation released it’s first in house 3D feature Chicken Little to over $130,000,000.00 in domestic box office sales and opens Circle 7, the facility that will release the Pixar sequels.

James Baxter opens his own studio in Old Town Pasadena.

DreamWorks is bought by Paramount.

BlueSky releases Robots and becomes one of the top 3 animation studios in the nation.

Please add your memories and photos of 2005 to this blog……..HAPPY NEW YEAR from CTN.

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