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Vic Wanchana

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Tell us a little about who you are. When did you begin creating and working in the design and animation industry?
I’m Wanchana Intrasombat but it is easier if you call me “Vic”. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1986 which is where I currently am living. I am a 2D and concept artist. My services include concepts for animation, game, illustration and character design. I graduated in 2008 in the category of Fine Art (traditional painting, oil color). From 2009 until now, I began teaching myself how to use the various digital painting tools and then received many opportunities to work on many design and animation projects.

What was the one key moment in your career that you feel really defined you?
I think that defining moment came for me when I received an award from the CG community at CG Society for “2D concept art and illustration”.  Before that I had done a lot of personal paintings to improve my portfolio without any job/project offered but after I received the award, there were so many projects and opportunities offered to me. And my first opportunity to work in the animation industry came through an animation commercial when EmberLab presented me with a very important opportunity for both my spirit and my career in animation to be an art director for a Coca-Cola and McDonald commercial “Crabs and Penguins”.

Where do you work now, what are you working on?
I’m still working as a freelance artist and live in Thailand. I am  looking forward to being a part of an animation studio in USA one day. I’m currently working as a visual development artist and character designer with so many studios such as EmberLab, Anya Animation and KiwiUp to name a few on projects such as an Animation-Feature film (un-public) , Fanta, KFC, and Pizza Hut animation and game commercials that I believe will be released soon.

What has been the most rewarding aspect or project you’ve worked on to date?
The most rewarding aspect for me is the experience that I gain when working as a team that has joined together with so many talented artists on the same project. I think both opportunities and experience are very important in this industry and I always practice to improve my skills so as to be prepared and ready for every opportunity that may or may not come. (more…)

Interview with Susan McKinsey-Goldberg

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

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SUSAN MC KINSEY GOLDBERG is a renowned animation Art Director and Designer whose work has graced numerous feature films and theme park attractions in the United States, England, and Hong Kong. Her interest in the medium of animation reflects her encyclopedic knowledge of many other artistic disciplines, including Japanese art and textile design, children’s book illustration, costume design, wildlife painting and drawing, and graphic design for film and print.

In school, Susan won many local painting awards and competitions. Her interest in the animal kingdom (both artistic and conservation-oriented) led her to the Florida chapter of the National Audubon Society, where she served as Editor of their magazine. During her college years she received a scholarship and attended the fledgling Character Animation program at California Institute of the Arts. There she was taught first-hand by several of the great Disney animation artists, including director Jack Hannah, designer and story artist T. Hee, layout artist Ken O’ Connor, concept artist Elmer Plummer, and designer Bill Moore, who was among the first to notice Susan’s flair for design and color. This was followed soon by a stint in New York, working as a Background Artist for legendary MGM animator Jack Zander at his popular commercial production house, Zander’s Animation Parlour. It was during this time that she met her future husband Eric, on holiday from working in London, and since their marriage they have often had the enjoyable opportunity to work as a team on a variety of animation projects. (more…)

Robh Ruppel

Friday, November 28th, 2008

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Robh Ruppel

Visual Development Artist, Art Director and Teacher Robh Ruppel has designed for film, television and print. He attended Art Center College of Design and has worked for a varied clientèle including Walt Disney Animation Studios, TV Guide, Boss Films, Naughty Dog and TSR.

“I love inventing worlds and the things in them. The thrill of seeing it appear before you is pretty hard to match. In inventing things that don’t exist you’re part architect, part painter and part cameraman. It never gets boring.”

While at Disney Robh art directed Brother Bear and Meet the Robinsons. At the time of this interview Rob was working on conceptualizing a next-gen game at Naughty Dog Studios in Santa Monica California.

Artwork for Treasure Planet by Robh Ruppel

Robh Ruppel can be reached through his CTN Webpage.

Mike Giaimo – "An Artist First"

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

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A graduate of Cal Arts in the 70′s Mike Giaimo went through the training program at Walt Disney Feature Animation and held many creative positions culminating after his 18 collective years at the studio as Art Director and Production Designer. Join us with Annie Award winner Mike Giaimo while he talks about being an artist first.

Mike Giaimo and Joe Ranft 1983 G Wing at Walt Disney Feature Animation
(Photo Care of George Scribner)

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