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CTN Members LookBack 2008

Monday, January 19th, 2009

CTN Members take a look back at 2008

Chris Bailey: 2008 was rollercoater year.  I took some time off after suping the animation on Alvin and Chips and spent a month in Israel doing some story and CG consulting for Animation Lab in Jerusalem. Shortly after returning to CA, I had the opportunity to direct a series of mini shorts for PEPFAR (President Bush’s Emergency Program For Aids Relief in Africa).  http://hivfreegeneration.warnerbros.com/

While at WB, a script page landed on my desk for an animated spot on the TERMINATOR TV series.  It was for an orientation video at a nuclear power facility.  I designed the star, ATOMIC AL and storyboarded the short educational clip about nuclear power.  Todd Bright of Studio Bright animated it in record time and it appeared on the season’s second episode where Sara Conner gets a job at a nuclear facility. The Pepfar shorts came to a conclusion in late Nov.  They were a whirlwind job.  Mainstreet Productions four walled the studio and produced the shorts on the WB lot with 5 months. Since then, I’ve been consulting with Fox Feature animation and pitching projects while rumors of Alvin ll grow.

Nancy Bieman: 2008 was a banner year. I changed countries (USA to Canada) jobs (RIT to Sheridan College) and had my first book, PREPARE TO BOARD! published in Chinese. I am preparing for a second book and second semester at Sheridan, not necessarily in that order. (more…)

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