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Back Row Left to Right: Darryl Rooney, Kirk Hansen, Terry Rocio, Roger Allers, Ted Eliott, James Fuji, Chris Sanders, Kevin Harkey, Dave Smith.
Front Row Left to Right:
Rebecca Reese, Sue Nichols, Burni Mattison, Ed Gombert, Brian Pimental, Kevin Lima, Francis Glebas and Jean Gillmore.

Ted Eliott and Terry Rocio were the writing team who later wrote Shrek, Mark of Zorro, Godzilla and Pirates of the Carribbean. Kevin Limo went on to Direct 102 Dalmations and The Enchanted.

By Aladdin we had really out grown our warehouse space at 1420 Flower St. and had spread out over the 5 square block industrial park taking over many different buildings. We affectionately named our locations “The Hart Bldg”, “The Royce Bldg”, “AirWay”, “1420″ and “1520″. Computer Animation, CAPS Ink and Paint, Compositing, Scanning and Scene Planning stayed behind in 1420 while the rest of the animation departments and various productions moved into these other buildings in the industrial park and the streets connecting the buildings became our hallways.

Scenes of hand drawn animation that were ready to be scanned got wrapped up in chipboard bound with rubberbands and transferred back and forth via courier’s on bicycles who repeatedly got tickets from Glendale Police Department for some such violation as they hurried back and forth.


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