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Early 1980′s Cal-Arts


Photo Care of Rusty Mills

From Left to Right:
Geoff Schroder (1/2 pictured), Rusty Mills, Dan Jeup (in front), Gerry Bowers, Steve Moore, Kevin Lima, Kirk Wise, Tim Hauser

Before we all worked together at Walt Disney Feature Animation this group from the early 1980′s of Cal Arts reads like a who’s who in the animation film industry.


From Left to Right:
Mike Show (1/2 pictured), Rusty Mills( Boris Badinoff), Rob Minkoff (Sammy Davis Jr. claus), Steve Moore (blue meanie), Leon Joosen (Jack the ripper?), Mona Koth (Witch), Breth Koth (bum)


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  1. Steve Moore (April 20th, 2008, 8.05 pm)

    I have a print of these photos too. I think Gary Conrad took them, he was always taking photos. The top one was September of ’83. The school always had some reception at the start of the year, free lunch!

    The second is also from 1983, one of the school’s notorious Halloween parties. I’d call them fond memories, if I could remember them.

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