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Well that’s it. Another year gone and this one seemed to go even quicker. Let’s take a little look back over the past 12 months at our part of the world.

Disney buys Pixar and John Lassetter is back in the halls of feature animation. The first news of business is “shut down Toy Story 3″.

Animation directors Ron Clements and John Musker return to Disney Feature animation to create a 2D movie.

Kathleen Gavin leaves Feature Animation after 20 years.

Feature Animation animator Ellen Woodbury relocates to Loveland Colorado to become a full time sculptor.

Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff publish thier first book “Thinking Animation”

Animation Producer David Steinberg relocates to Toronto.

Animation Executive Producer Don Hahn leaves Feature Animation.

Animation Historian Tom Sito publishes his first book “Drawing the Line”.

Master animator James Baxter opens up his own studio.

Mitchell Bernal licenses Skelanimals in 2006 and becomes a surprise hit at Hot Topics stores, which continues to sell out of merchandise as more products are being developed for this dead and cute property. Visit the website at www.skelanimals.com to learn more about these characters.

Animation Director Chris Sanders steps down from “American Dog”.

The Baxter Benefit Auction raises over $4000 for Martha Baxter of Cal Arts

Animation Producer and Executive Phil Lofaro is cut from Feature Animation.

Animator Nancy Beiman and Tony White write and illustrate “Prepare to Board” due for publishing February or March of 2007.

Storyboard artist Francis Glebas temporarily relocates to Canada to work with Vanguard Films.

Mitchell Bernal, Steve Gordon, Craig Elliott, Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff, Rik Maki, Phil Phillipson and Rob Rupel participate in the Comic-Con International 2006.

Dan Lunds Dream on Silly Dreamer makes it to Amazon.com.

Phil Nibbelink completely animates in Flash and releases theatrically in Los Angeles an entire feature animated film by himself called “Romeo and Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss” which went on to win best in show at the Best in the West Animation Festival and will move across the US during 2007.

Peter Schneider’s directorial debut of Sister Act at the Pasadena Playhouse which is still running to a full house.

Mitchell Bernal, Tom Ellery, Rik Maki, Floyd Norman, and Chris Sanders all publish new books.

Sunny Apinchapong, Mitchell Bernal, HB Lewis, Rik Maki, George Scribner, and Valerio Ventura have solo artshows and Ed Ghertner and Lureline Kohler participate in a group show.

Stevie Wermers and Kevin Deters are given directorial opportunities at Feature Animation.

Valerio Ventura steps up to Supervising Art Director at Cartoon Network.

The first 2D or Not 2D animation festival founded by Tony Whyte is held.

Tina Price leaves Disney after 23 years to JibberJab at JibJab in Santa Monica.

Eric Goldberg and Mike Gabriel return to Feature Animation.

Dreamworks holds job fair to scoop up the talent leaving Disney.

Art Director Michael Humphries gets married.

The Little Mermaid crew reunites.

And the Creative Talent Network hosts 5 events in 2006.

CtN Artist Spotlight with H.B. Lewis “In Process”

CtN Artist Spotlight with Rik Maki “Scribblin’ on Scrap”

CtN Artist Spotlight with Senti aka Mitchell Bernal “The Black and the Blue”

CtN Octoberfest with Tom Sito and “Drawing the Line”

CtN Artist Spotlight Event “The Group Show”

Please post your memories of 2006 in the comments section below.

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