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1975 The Crew of Planet of the Apes
Saturday Morning Television Cartoon


Photo and Memories Care of Phil Phillipson

Back row left to right: In the light shirt is Tony Segroi, the bearded fellow and the next guy I don’t know, next with the beard and VW hat is George Freeman. George was a young guy who was working for us while going to college and was going to go to a new VFX house up north after graduation. While working with us he was freelancing using this brand new computer simulation for that same company up north on their first feature film. It was some sci-fi picture where he got some of the other guys to freelance with him as well doing glow efx for these light saber fx shots and we all thought that it was a really stupid idea. Light sabers and space ships would never go together. That company was ILM and the sci-fi picture was of course Star Wars. Were we wrong, or what? The next guy is Leo Swenson, and the next is Ziggy, we couldn’t pronounce his real name. Then on the far right is Moe Gollub the ex-Motion Picture Screen and Cartoonists union president.

Second row left to right: The first I guy don’t remember, next guy is Hac Fiq, Jim Muller and I don’t know the next guy with glasses.

Front row left to right: Phil Phillipson, I don’t know the second person, then John Dorman, then Nolly something?

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~Memories Care of Phil Phillipson


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