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CTN at Comic Con 2008
Who get’s the Title of “Con King!!”

Words by Tina Price:

This years Comic Con seemed a huge success for all our members. With over 23 participants spread out from Aisle 900 to Aisle 5300 CTN members once again survive Comic Con San Diego and are ready for next year. But before we go…..here are some memories in booth order.

David’s Doodles
Exhibitors Table H05

David Colman

Words by David Colman:
Another successful year for me too….only left my booth for pee breaks…My new Tshirt line debuted very well!

Note: David’s T-Shirts will soon be available on his CTN Artist’s Storefront.


“100 Days of Monsters”
Booth 1415

Words by Stefan Bucher:
I’m not going to attempt to give any in-depth account of my first day at Comic-Con as my brain is still reeling from the sheer volume of the crowd. But at the very least I wanted to show you a picture of the Impact both, in case you’re at the Con and want to visit. It’s #1415 and it looks like this:

The yellow arrow indicates the position of the Monster Book.
Read more from Stefan about the CON Day 1

Read more from Stefan about the CON Day 2

Read more from Stefan about the CON Day 3


“Who is Rocket Johnson?”
Booth 2302

Back Row: Mark Kennedy, Sam Levine, Paul Briggs,
Front Row: Don Hall,
Steve Anderson son, Nathan Greno, and Steve Anderson.

Words from Paul Briggs:
We had a great time at the Comic Con too! We were overwhelmed with people on preview night. It was really great to see so many familiar faces and meet so many new ones. My only gripe is I didn’t get the chance to walk around and buy any books – now I have to hunt all the ones I missed down! Good times.

Back Row: Michael LaBash, Sam Levine, Chris Ure, Paul Briggs,
Front Row:
Nathan Greno and John Musker.

Words by Tina Price:
This was the first year exhibiting for the artists of “Who is Rockets Johnson”….but not the last.

Steve Gordon, Paul Briggs, Kevin Deters and Mark Kennedy
Hard at Work

Skelanimals by Senti
aka Mitchell Bernal
Booth 4513

Senti / Skelanimals

Words by Tina Price:
Originally for Comic Book artists, Mitchell has been participating in Comic Con San Diego longer than any of us recent newcomers from animation. I could not of survived my first year as a participant at the Con in 2004 without Mitchell. He was generous with his knowledge and full of Comic Con tips and tricks on how to survive the what can be a grueling week. He not only shares his experience he creates a real sense of community by visiting all the artists on the floor and CTN has labeled Mitchell Bernal this years Con King”.

I’m sure Mitchell can tell us a lot about what has changed at the Comic Con over the 8 plus years he’s been exhibiting and how the focus has shifted to include the opportunity to exhibit and sell merchandise as well as comic books, artwork and sketchbooks. Even Craig Elliot was exhibiting his new jewelry line this year.

Some of you may remember or may have even attended Senti’s/Mitchells first solo arts how at the CTN event “The Black and The Blue” held at the Van Eaton Galleries in Studio City California on September 20, 2006 when Skelanimals were just newly born. Today they are being distributed worldwide. CONGRATULATIONS Senti aka “The Con King!”.

If you didn’t make it to the Comic Con this year you can see select products from Mitchel at the CTN Artist’s Storefront or visit the official Skelanimals website and find a store in your area.


CTN Member Book Signings
Care of Stuart NG Rare Books
Booth #5012

Eric Goldberg and Stuart NG

Words by Tina Price:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday CTN member Ben Balistreri was on hand signing his book “SeaWeed” along with Ricardo DelGado with his latest sketchbook and Eric Goldberg signing “Animation Crash Course”. The lineup of fans extended down the entire length of Stuarts NG’s store.

Ben Balistreri Signing


Scribblin away with Rik Maki
Booth #5022

Words by Tina Price:

This is Rik Maki’s 4th year at the Con. He and David Colman both had their first year in 2004 side by side at the Exhibition Tables in Aisle G and have come back year after year for more.

For 5 days straight Rik does what he loves doing, drawing, drawing and non-stop drawing with a camera over his should projecting live onto a 32″ monitor.

Rik has been teaching Advanced Character Design for 7 years at Cal Arts and welcomes the opportunity to share his knowledge with students at the Con.

With a steady stream of traffic from Wed on through Sunday Rik says “This was the best year yet!!”.


Bill Plympton
Booth #5356

Comic Con Fan and Bill Plympton

Words by Tina Price:
Bill Plympton is no newcomer to the Comic Con and was on hand exhibiting his independent film series and signing autographs.

While signing ACME FilmWorks “The Animation Show of Shows” DVD Boxed Set Bill was intervewed by local news. Since 1998, The Animation Show of Shows has selected the best in animated short films from the world’s most renowned animation festivals and presented them at the major animation studios to inspire their animators and directors. Now for the first time ever, the films featured in The Animation Show of Shows are available in this special DVD collection along with some of the most memorable animated short films of all time. For more information about this DVD set click here…..


Other CTN Members at the Con
Chris Bailey will be wondering around for 1-2 days.
Jeremy Bernstein A04
Sue Blanchard at the Society of Illustrators LA Booth: “I’m Always Hungary” book and prints.
Joe Bluhm B-2: Character designer, illustrator Art Squared Publishing, and featuring “REJECTS” caricature book
Craig Elliott / Arista Publishing 4812
Steve Gordon will be attending.
Jimbo Hillin Small Press Area S-13: Representing his webcomic from Wireheads “Zombie Bunnies”
Alex Nino, Brian and Phil Phillipson / Dislexic Dog 5333
Gabriele Pennacchioli B8: With his new book “The Young Minotaur”
Ragnar 523, 622
Chris Sanders 1619
Stephen Silver H-6: With his new book “Life”
Tom Sito, Bill Kroyer, Floyd Norman and Stephen Silver: Thurs 7/24 10am Room 2, Tom Sito Friday 7/24 ASIFA State of the Industry Panel
Marcelo Vignali will be visiting on Friday.
Dean Yeagle 1035, 1037

CTN Supporters:
ASIFA 5334
Stuart NG 5012, 5014, 5016, 5018, 5020: Stuart NG Booth Highlights
Van Eaton Galleries 501


We’ll see you all again next year!!


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