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Here’s a little ditty written by the people at Touchstone Pictures:
**Sung to the tune of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast

[cue music on]
Dummmmmmmmm…..Doo doo doo…….doo doo doo

Madames et Monsiers, it is with deepest pride, and greatest pleasure, that we welcome you to yet another one of our theme parks. And now, relax, let us sell you a churro, as the Disney Company happily empties…..
Your wallet.

Be our guest, be our guest,
Put your paycheck to the test.
When it comes to making profits,
Michael Eisner is the best!
Dollars($) here, Dollars($) there,
Yen and Francs are everywhere!
With each film, it’s not surprising,
Comes a flood of merchandising!
Dolls and toys! Belle and Beast!
And Gaston, though he’s deceased!
Buy the, or your kids won’t let you rest!
True, this recessions’s tragic
But we’ll use our magic,
To pump our guests, oui our guests, be our guest!

To get in for one day,
Thirty Dollars($) you will pay.
A figure which increases as inflation has it’s way.
You must drink, you must eat,
Or expire from the heat!
We don’t worry ’bout recession,
Since we own every concession!
Buy a nice souvenier,
“Cause a gift shops always near!
And they’re not very discreet, that we can say!
Our gifts may all be crappy,
But the guests are happy!
Oui, our guests, be our guest, be our guest!

[Michael Eisner Solo]

Life is so unpleasant,
When you’re poorer than a peasant,
I’m not sane without a plane to call my own.
Ah, how I adore being so wealthy,
Japan just called and asked me for a loan.
When you run a corporation,
Richer than a sovereign nation,
The assets that you deal in are immense.
I ask myself where does all the money come from?
Tourists who dress funny, they come in and spend their money!

[Cast member's chorus]

It’s a guest, it’s a guest,
Buying all that we suggest!
Thank the Lord, here comes a hoard,
With folks back home to be impressed.
Buy that shirt, if you please,
Because money grows on trees!
Who care if what we’re doin’
Leads you to financial ruin!
For your child, for your tot,
Those dumb mouse ears must be bought!
And you’ll watch your net income become distressed!
We know that mice can’t talk,
But buy a share of stock,
For you our guest, be our guest, be our guest!

Be our guest, be our guest,
Our resorts, they are the best!
The sun won’t ever set on our empire – and that’s no jest!
Thanks to all our guests,
We will buy out CBS.
And the Company keeps growing,
At a rate that is not slowing.

[BIG Cresendo]

As we grow and expand,
Nations bow to our command!
We’ll buy the world, and only then, we’ll rest!
Each new theme park expansion,
Buys brand new mansion,
For me my guest! Be our guest, be our guest, please be our guest!

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