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Caricature of Dan by Dan

Dan Hofstedt, affectionately known as T-Dan, has animated on some of the most successful animated movies of all time.  His gift for caricaturing both a likeness and an action of a character has served him well so far in a 24 year career.  After putting himself through the Character Animation program at California Institute of the Arts as an amusement park caricaturist T. Dan has garnered a widespread “in-house” reputation at Sullivan-Bluth, Disney, Warners and now Sony Imageworks as one of the top caricature artists around. He has taught Character Animation for Maya at Studio Arts in Glendale, CA, taught caricature workshops at Sony Imageworks, and guest lectured at the Cal Arts Character Animation program, where he studied in the early ’80′s. T-Dan has been on animation panels at the Visual Effects Society, demonstrated Maya animation techniques used in “Monster House” for Autodesk at Siggraph in Boston and at 3December in London, and been a featured presenter at the Sony Wonder Lab in New York. He has made a successful transition from the 2D animation world to the 3D computer generated realm. Sit back and enjoy an interview with this extremely versatile and talented man and key contributor to the 2nd Golden Age of Animation.

Dan Hofstedt

Dan Hofstedt can be reach through his CTN Webpage.


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  1. Brad Hicks (October 5th, 2008, 7.31 am)

    Hello Dan!
    It was so neat listening to your interview, reminiscing and hearing about new developments in your life, with all the 3D stuff!

    I’ve gotten back into the animation industry a couple years ago. I took a job in British Columbia to work on “Space Chimps”. It was a great experience for my family and I got to be a designer, Look Development for the 3D folks.

    I’m back in Los Angeles now, doing Set Design, and some freelance work with Donald Towns, working with Rich Animation. I miss the good old days at Disney. It was great hearing your interview, excellence is yo middle name!

    Get in touch!
    Brad Hicks

  2. Steve Moore (October 6th, 2008, 12.16 am)

    Hey Dan, I thought you were going to sing.

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