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The Crew of the Great Mouse Detective
Also known as Basil of Baker Street
(Photo care of Phil Phillipson)

The first Walt Disney Pictures animated film produced in the wharehouse environment at 1420 Flowers St. Glendale California. This movie began production on the Disney lot as Basil of Baker Street and was moved mid production and renamed to The Great Mouse Detective. Some thought the new name was generic and to follow suit renamed every Disney animated film that had been done to date in the similar generic style.Care of veteran animation checker Janette Hulett below is the phoney memo with the new and improved titles created by story artist Ed Gombert.

This memo mysteriously appeared in the Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times one Sunday and also as a question on Jeopardy when a contestant chose a category and this list of “renamed” animated film titles displayed on the screen for which the contestant had to come up with the “original” animated film titles. (Thankyou Janette Hulett for this memo and your memories)



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  1. admin (March 25th, 2008, 11.16 pm)

    From DancinMan:

    Oh man – I laughed my head off the first time I read that list, and what a thrill to discover that Ed Gombert, a onetime co-worker at Disney, was the author! He was so cool to begin with! The story of how that ended up on Schneider’s desk is great, too.

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