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(Photo care of Darren Kiner)

From left to right here is most of the crew of the Tin Soldier from Fantasia 2000 in front of 1420 Flower St Glendale California on Halloween.

Doug Bennet, Cliff Brett, Darin Butts, Jim Bette, Michelle Robinson, Ruth Ramos, Pam Choy, Kevin Geiger, Tanya ?, Peter Polombi, Uma Thumrugotti, Kim, Neil, Dave Mullins, Steve Goldberg (as the Ballerina) , Eamonn Butler (as Elvis), ?, Pete ?, Henry Sato, Steve Hunter, Jason, Darren Kiner, Randy ?

We apologize for not knowing everyones names so please help us out here.

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  1. Rob Bekuhrs (October 30th, 2008, 8.39 am)

    Tina, that last yahoo on the end is Randy Parker. Nice gut on Eamonn; no augmentation, that’s all him. Third from the left side (Jason) might be Alex Tysowsky.

  2. Rob Bekuhrs (October 30th, 2008, 8.40 am)

    Sorry, third from the RIGHT side might be Alex.

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