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What’s the difference between a rug and a carpet?
Carpets are magic!!!

Tina Price and Randy Cartwright, the creators behind the Magic Carpet in Aladdin are shown here holding it down for the photo shoot before it flys away. They actually are holding a table cloth that was digitally replaced using a 3D spline mesh within Alias Power Animator and rendered with the carpet texture map that had been painted by Tom Cardone and lastly composited back together with hand drawn and digitally painted tassles using CAPS. Remember this was in 1992.

It all started with 100 or so beautiful concept sketches by Ed Gombert. Here are just a couple to give you the idea.

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    [...] 10 years from The Little Mermaid (1989) up to Tarzan (1999). In the archive for Aladdin I foundsketches of the Magic Carpet by Eb Gombert, he made one of the earliest storyboards and character sk…. Of course because it’s a rug the design didn’t change that much as the production [...]

  2. Dorse A. Lanpher (October 19th, 2008, 7.22 pm)

    I just love perusing the past on a flyin’ carpet…You guys did such a great job making the carpet come to life…How nice to be reminded of those days…Thanks Tina

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