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This crew picture of the crew of Oliver and Company was taken at the end of production in the parking lot behind the Walt Disney Feature Animation building at 1420 Flower Street, Glendale California. George Scribner, the director, is lying down in front of the banner holding a small kitten that represents Oliver. I think the entire animation department including human resources, technical support and all the animation departments from pre-production, production and post up to 175 people at that time. This was our second movie done in what was referred to as “the warehouse environment”.



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  1. admin (April 24th, 2008, 5.52 am)

    From Fred Cline:
    I remember plenty – Joe Ranft was doing some funny storyboards on it before he went up to Pixar. Mike Gabriel was doing beautiful boards that, I thought, really elevated the scripted material. Vance Gerry, Rasoul Azadani, Bill Perkins, and I used to go out to the park at lunchtime and paint watercolors. I wrote a memorial piece about Vance for my blog which I haven’t posted yet, but I talk alot about how great he was at putting heart into everything he did.

    I remember the morale being somewhat low on Oliver in particular which might of been because Katzenberg became intimately involved with animation starting with that particular film and his sensibilities were very “New York” which irked some people, although nobody complained about how much money the film grossed as it doubled the business that Great Mouse Detective did. I think it is one of James Mangold’s first jobs out of CalArts – he was a writer on Oliver and Co, and now he’s a very successful director.

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