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An Article and Interview with Tina Price in 1992
For Careers and Colleges Magazine
by Pamela Thompson

Jean Wright from Women in Animation and the author of “Animation Writing and Development,:From Development to Pitch” forwarded us this article that her colleague Pamela Thompson wrote about Tina Price (me) and Computer Animation in 1992.

Price initially started her career-life as a dancer with the New York City Ballet. But in 1978, when she realized she was not going to be a prima ballerina, she hung up her dance shoes and took an entirely different job. To read complete article click on image above…

Tina Price and Mike Cedeno 1986 working on Oliver and Company

Price believes computers will continue to have an enormous impact on animation as the technology and software improves. For example, recent software technology allowed Price to produce a very pliable looking magic carpet in the new animated feature Aladdin. To read complete article click on image above…

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