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Fagin’s Trike designed by Barry Cook was a polygonal based model built by Tina Price using Wavefront Technologies. It was a hybrid Vespa, shopping cart and roadway caution sign that was challenging to model due to the assemetrical shapes that attributed to it’s rickety signature design. The trike was not just a mode of transportation, it was a character uniquely defined by how it looked and moved. Above are hiddenline removal printouts that would later include hand drawn 2D character animation and ropes in production.

A little bit of trivia. Syke’s Limo was also used upside as the head of the villian steam shovel that tried to eat Lipstick in the 2nd 3D short ever done by Disney called “Oilspot and Lipstick”. Originally created for the 1987 Siggraph Electronic Theatre in Anaheim by the small pioneering team that called themselves the “Disney Late Night Crew” (Mike Cedeno, Fred Cline, Dave English, Tad Geilow, Burny Mattison, Tina Price, MJ Turner) and went on to be shown at Annecy and Imagina film festivals the following year.

(The first 3d short done at Disney was the “Where the Wild Things Are” test. The second was Oilspot and Lipstick and the third was Off His Rockers.)

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