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Tell us a little about who your are and how you got here.

I am well recognized for my work as a supervising character animator on many of the Disney classic films. My career spans almost three decades and I have designed characters and animated on thirteen feature films such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and The Lion King.

Long ago, I was a frustrated young engineer, in Pennsylvania, who was inspired by Disney classic films. I wrote a letter to Walt Disney Feature Animation, and they told me learn my animation skills at CalArts. So I put together a portfolio and the rest is history…….straight from school to the belly of the beast……Disney.

When did you begin creating and working in this industry?

While going to school, I animated on Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories “Family Dog”. Directly after school I animated on my first feature, Oliver and Company.

What job title best describes what you do?

I’ve been a hand-drawn Animator for many years. But now my career path is moving toward pre-production and story. Storyboard Artist is how I might now describe myself. I’ve boarded, directed, character designed, wrote scripts, drawn layouts, and even wrote music for and animated short. Maybe the best title would be Animation Professional.

What city and country are you living in?

I live in Acton, CA on a small ranch that houses my wife, dogs, cats, horses, chickens and the rest of my zoo. Did I mention I like animals?

Who do you feel has inspired you the most?

Marc Davis, Hal Ambro, Glen Keane, Mike Gabriel, and many others – all animator/artists that bring life to whatever they touch.

What are you currently working on?

Storyboard development of an animated feature. I’m also illustrating a children’s book. And animating a short film in my spare time.

What would you like to be achieve in the next 5 years?

Storyboarding and directing.

How did you first hear of The Creative Talent Network and what are your expectations, goals and feelings about being a member?

I was told by a recruiter that this is the place to be to be recognized for my accomplishments. Being in animation is not glamorous, nor is one famous. My art is well recognized, but I can easily be forgotten. Having a place to display and be recognized is essential for an artist driving his career foreword and up.

I hope I will have the opportunity to get to know other artists and network with those that can help me accomplish my careers goals into the future.

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