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Happy New Year – Day 01

I don’t know about you but I’m already getting very excited about the challenges ahead in 2014. From the beginning CTN has focused on independent creators and creator owned companies from the animation, illustration, video game, VFX and film industries. I’m happy to say that in 2014 CTN will not be deviating from their mission and would like to report to you on an exciting shift in the independent creator landscape that is good news for us all.

The once so called “being small” weakness that surround independents is now being realized as their biggest strength.  This is certainly not news for those under dogs, misfits and crazy ones, as Steve Jobs refers to us, who are dedicated fans of the “against all odds” successes.

QUOTE: “And recent comics have truly spotlighted Superman’s role as the people’s hero: Following a neophyte Man of Steel still learning his powers’ limits, Superman fights the evil corporate tycoons and corrupt one-percenters that have overwhelmed the establishment. ….” ~DC Comics ……read more


After hosting smaller events for about 60-300 people, CTN took the leap to host the CTN animation eXpo in a 15,000 square foot facility and opened our doors to 2800. I learned that “The size doesn’t matter. That if you’re cooking a chicken or a turkey, the process is the same, one is just bigger!”

Same is true of companies. Creator owned companies like “Conduct Happiness”  “Extra Cirricular Activities“, “The Astonish Factory“,   “CGMA”, “Tea Girls” and many others who  are surveying the same field, summoning the same courage and changing the landscape for everyone just as the creators of Facebook, Google and Snapchat do.

If you are interested in having your company listed  Click Here.

QUOTE:  “The act of staying small combined with facing overwhelming odds and solving problems with skill and experience can produce great results.” says journalist   Malcolm Gladwell and that, of course, is what entrepreneurs do best.  I find what Malcom Gladwell presents in his writings to be very exciting for small business and entrepreneurs. To listen to more inspiration from Malcom Gladwell  Click Here

One of the more challenging aspects I’ve noticed about being small is getting any press.  Don’t wait for a publication to interview you about your business, interview yourself.  Make your own buzz!

Here are my questions and answers that I asked myself and then and at the end I challenge you to do the same. Be your own buzz!!

  • Who are you?
    Tina Price
  • What is the name of your company?
    The Creative Talent Network
  • How do you measure success?
    By the number of lives I’ve positively impacted.
  • What’s one mistake you made early on?
    Thinking other people knew how to do this.
  • What’s the toughest part of being in charge?
    That you have to make all the hard decisions even when you don’t know the answers and then be responsible for the results.
  • What is your best motivator?
    Feedback. Both positive and negative and information.
  • What’s your proudest accomplishment in your business?
    The result of having built a trusted and recognizable brand. “CTN”
  • What have you sacrificed?
    Nothing and everything, but I would of sacrificed everything if I didn’t try.
  • What have you learned?
    Operate with integrity, quality over quantity, put together a great team, work from home when you can and do what you love.
  • What’s next?
    Because I love doing what I’m doing I’ll continue to work every day until I can’t.
  • NOW: Interview yourself by answering these questions or create your own questions. Click Here.
    Interviews will be published in the CTN Newsletter.

IN THE NEWS: I read an interesting article about Detroit over the holiday and got very excited about the idea of reshaping the way one can look at change. Instead of a dying city the article describes how it has become a blank canvas for tomorrow. That by building a new relationship with the problems in Detroit we get to be a part of a future Smart Town USA. It made me think that if you can achieve this kind of “smart” renewal with such a problem as Detroit there might be fresh options for some of the problems we are facing in our own community and industry.

  • SILICON GARAGE: DETROIT’S TECH HUB. After a turbulent decade, Motor City declared itself bankrupt – but an influx of entrepreneurs will get its economic engine revving again. By Cameron Walker. “….Detroit, Michigan, will come back swinging in 2014…. TechTown …. spark new ventures and ideas, opportunities for people …. “collaboration cubes” ……  business startups that commit to keeping their businesses in Detroit will be given $25,000 in seed money and 3 months of full-time mentoring …… the biggest thing that’s happening here (in Detroit) is one thousand little things.”
    You can download and read the entire article from “The Wired World in 2014″

We have leaders and entrepreneurs shaping the business landscape in our own industry.

The conversation includes these Chief Artist Officers:

Here’s to the best year of our lives in 2014!!
Tina Price
Founder CTN

Please leave a comment and tell us what inspires your business.

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