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Bill Melendez

Holiday Traditions, we all have our rituals right? The things we do with our families every year without fail. My family gets together and we enjoy my Mom’s delicious handmade Tamales with a warm cup of Atole. Other families bust out the eggnog and cook up a turkey. While others like my roommate back in Art School had the Traditional Christmas Hot Tub party.

Then there’s the whole tree thing, the cookies, the shopping, the wrapping, the colorful lights, the cards, the goofy sweaters. Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing a duet of the Little Drummer boy. All wonderful stuff that brings families together.

After a while I came to realize the sleighload of Holiday traditions that our Animation Forefathers gave us. Just off the top of my head let’s see, Chuck Jones and his brilliant adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s masterpiece How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Rankin Bass Stop motion Santa Claus, Rudolph, Frosty special. Epic! What about Yogi’s first Christmas huh? Killer! Mickey’s Christmas Carol.Gorgeous and Timeless. Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol, I dare you not to laugh! And of course who could forget the Star wars Holiday Special, sure it only played once but once was enough for it to be burned into my memory banks forever. Thank you Nelvana for the animated introduction to Boba Fett! Lest we forget the Norelco commercial with Santa riding the electric shaver down the slope. Ahhhh good times. I love all of these shows and I hope someday when I have kids to share these animated treasures with them. Read more

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BILL KROYER is an award-winning director of animation and computer graphics commercials, short films, movie titles and theatrical films. Trained in classical hand-drawn animation at the Disney Studio, Bill was one of the first animators to make the leap to computer animation on Disney’s ground-breaking 1982 feature, “Tron.”

“There was no software for motion when we made Tron. It didn’t exist.” ~Bill Kroyer

Founding his own company, Kroyer Films, Inc., Bill and his wife Susan pioneered the technique of combining hand-drawn animation with computer animation. Bill was Director for the theatrical animated feature film “FernGully: The Last Rainforest” and for his Academy Award® nominated short film “Technological Threat” . Read more

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An Article and Interview with Tina Price in 1992
For Careers and Colleges Magazine
by Pamela Thompson

Jean Wright from Women in Animation and the author of “Animation Writing and Development,:From Development to Pitch” forwarded us this article that her colleague Pamela Thompson wrote about Tina Price (me) and Computer Animation in 1992.

Price initially started her career-life as a dancer with the New York City Ballet. But in 1978, when she realized she was not going to be a prima ballerina, she hung up her dance shoes and took an entirely different job. To read complete article click on image above…

Tina Price and Mike Cedeno 1986 working on Oliver and Company

Price believes computers will continue to have an enormous impact on animation as the technology and software improves. For example, recent software technology allowed Price to produce a very pliable looking magic carpet in the new animated feature Aladdin. To read complete article click on image above…

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My Sleeping Beauty Adventure 1956-1958
From my bio “Flyin’ Chunks and Other Things to Duck”

by Dorse Lanpher

The year…1956

After struggling through 5 semesters of The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles , California , I, at the age of 21, decided it was time to conquer the real world. I heard The Walt Disney Studio was looking for artists to help do an animated film entitled “Sleeping Beauty.” I had never really considered cartoon animation as a career but I needed a job and animation art sounded like fun.

I made an appointment to show my portfolio at Walt Disney Feature Animation. On that magic day I nervously carted my portfolio to the main gate of The Walt Disney Studio. Attempting great stage presence I announced my arrival to the guard. He gave me proper directions to my meeting place, Andy Engman’s office in the animation building, follow “Mickey Mouse Lane” to “Dopey Drive,” turn right and enter the animation building on my left…Andy’s office would be the first door on your left as you enter the animation building. Got it! The studio was beautiful. Well kept buildings, un-fearful, frisky squirrels scampering across grassy lawns edged with colorful flowers and large manicured trees. I felt very special walking up Mickey Mouse Lane , frightened, nervous and beatific.

Walt Disney Animation Building On the Lot

Read more

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Robh Ruppel

Visual Development Artist, Art Director and Teacher Robh Ruppel has designed for film, television and print. He attended Art Center College of Design and has worked for a varied clientèle including Walt Disney Animation Studios, TV Guide, Boss Films, Naughty Dog and TSR.

“I love inventing worlds and the things in them. The thrill of seeing it appear before you is pretty hard to match. In inventing things that don’t exist you’re part architect, part painter and part cameraman. It never gets boring.”

While at Disney Robh art directed Brother Bear and Meet the Robinsons. At the time of this interview Rob was working on conceptualizing a next-gen game at Naughty Dog Studios in Santa Monica California.

Artwork for Treasure Planet by Robh Ruppel

Robh Ruppel can be reached through his CTN Webpage.

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Daily News Business Section Nov 14, 2008

Tina Price runs the Creative Talent Network, a small business helping top talent artists in the animation business to network and work.

The Creative Talent Network (CTN)

BUSINESS ADDRESS: P.O. Box 3598, Granada Hills, CA 91394

PHONE: 818-667-3224

WEB SITE: www.creativetalentnetwork.com

OWNER: Tina Price



DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS: CTN is a virtual talent catalog and an online community of top talent 2-D and 3-D animation artists. It currently has more than 300 members, including contributors to some of the highest-grossing animated films in history. Read more

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(Image care of CartoonBrew)

On Oct 14th Fox News LA ran an article entitled Renowned Animator Loses Life’s Work to Marek Fire , Oct 15th CartoonBrew posted about the legendary animator Corny Cole loosing his home and everything in it during the recent fires in Southern California. The next day on Oct 16th The Creative Talent Network launched an on-line fundraiser that went viral and reached out to it’s membership and the animation community worldwide. The CTN fundraiser closed on Oct 24th at midnight after raising $12,168.00.

On behalf of all who helped spread the word and to those who donated I want to personally say “thank you”. CTN will be handing a cashiers check to Corny Cole along with the list of donors. For a complete list of donors click on read more

(These donations were not tax deductible but rather came from the heart.) Read more

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On behalf of the entire team from the Creative Talent Network I would like to personally say thank you to Woodbury University and ASIFA Hollywood for giving us the opportunity to co-sponsor and bring CTN’s creative energy to the first annual ASIFA Student Animation Film Festival.

Woodbury University

On Saturday Oct 18th, 2008 over 200 students, pros and fans from various schools and studios converged on campus at Woodbury University to participate in this one day event that included portfolio reviews by local teachers, recruiters and professionals as well as industry specific panels speaking on the State of the Industry and ending with cocktail reception hosted by CTN and awards ceremony where CTN honored each of the winners by presenting them with a free membership into the premiere online networking site for students and recent graduates called Animation Alumni. Read more

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CTN Legend Tony Benedict arrived on the Walt Disney Studio lot in summer of 1956 and took an inbetweening potition on Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmations before joining Bob McCrea’s television unit where he got to do a bit of animation. Find out how he got started at UPA as an assistant to animator Ed Freidman and was given an opportunity to write some Mister Magoo episodes and his journey to Hanna Barbera as a full time staff writer working with Mike Maltese and Warren Foster. Sit back and enjoy the tales of this talented contributor to the Golden Age of Animation.

Lots of vintage movies, photos and art at Tony’s website at http://www.homepage.mac.com/tonytoons

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Caricature of Dan by Dan

Dan Hofstedt, affectionately known as T-Dan, has animated on some of the most successful animated movies of all time.  His gift for caricaturing both a likeness and an action of a character has served him well so far in a 24 year career.  After putting himself through the Character Animation program at California Institute of the Arts as an amusement park caricaturist T. Dan has garnered a widespread “in-house” reputation at Sullivan-Bluth, Disney, Warners and now Sony Imageworks as one of the top caricature artists around. He has taught Character Animation for Maya at Studio Arts in Glendale, CA, taught caricature workshops at Sony Imageworks, and guest lectured at the Cal Arts Character Animation program, where he studied in the early ’80′s. T-Dan has been on animation panels at the Visual Effects Society, demonstrated Maya animation techniques used in “Monster House” for Autodesk at Siggraph in Boston and at 3December in London, and been a featured presenter at the Sony Wonder Lab in New York. He has made a successful transition from the 2D animation world to the 3D computer generated realm. Sit back and enjoy an interview with this extremely versatile and talented man and key contributor to the 2nd Golden Age of Animation.

Dan Hofstedt

Dan Hofstedt can be reach through his CTN Webpage.

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