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In London for “Roger Rabbit” 1988
Words by Dorse Lanpher

Richard Williams got an Oscar for the animation and had a party at The Carriage House Restaurant in Burbank to celebrate.

Vera and I arrived in London during a very chilly and sometimes very wet early January, 1988. We were there to help on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis and the animation was directed by Richard Williams. Max Howard was the exceptionally friendly efficient and courteous British studio manager who welcomed us to The Forum. The Forum was a nice three story building in a pretty area of London with lots of restaurants and good Greek food. Our townhouse at the corner of Saint George’s Terrace and Regents Park Road wasn’t ready for us so we were housed in a very quaint, very British hotel. We had a car with a driver to cart us to work each day for our first week of work on the film. Read more

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Marty Korth, Ed Ghertner, George Scribner 1983 G-Wing Walt Disney Feature Animation

George Scribner started at Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1983 during the 2nd Golden Age of Animation. His animation career spans from Hanna Barbara in the late 1970′s to Director atWalt Disney Feature Animation. George is currently the Director of Animation for Walt Disney Imagineering and has recently been commissioned by the government of Panama to paint large scale oil paintings of the upcoming Panama Canal Expansion which is a project that will last nine years

George Scribner back in Panama 2008
“The new canal line will be to my right where the jungle is now and adjacent to the existing canal.”

For more on this and many other artists from The World of Animation please visit
Toon In to the World of Animation

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About Re-Discovering Her Roots and Her Audience

Nobody who ever knew her thought they could pry her pen, pencil and ink from her hands. Nor would they want to, as the delightful, whimsical, carefully rendered illustrations and designs that pour out of her are the sort of stuff dreams are made of. Still, she has traded markers and watercolors for a tablet and stylus, she has traded a view of the dry brown San Fernando hills, ablaze in summer smoke, for the fiery reds and golds of a New England autumn, and she surrendered a daily commute on the 110 for emails, faxes and phone calls at hours most farmers don’t see. Best of all, she has traded the quiet of an office with a door to shut out the chaos of colleagues riding bikes down the hall, for a home office that keeps little to none of the sounds and interruptions of a nine year old and an eleven year old from penetrating the plaster and unhinging the door. Of all the adjustments, it is the latter that makes Sue Nichols happier than she ever thought possible.

This poloroid is a snap from Sue’s CalArts graduation.

Back Row: Haraldo, Steve Markowski, Jim Reardon, Tami Becker, Rich Moore, Broose Johnson
Front Row: Russ Edmonds, Brenda Chapman, Andrew Stanton, Anita Ziobro, Sue Nichols

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CTN at Comic Con 2008
Who get’s the Title of “Con King!!”

Words by Tina Price:

This years Comic Con seemed a huge success for all our members. With over 23 participants spread out from Aisle 900 to Aisle 5300 CTN members once again survive Comic Con San Diego and are ready for next year. But before we go…..here are some memories in booth order.

David’s Doodles
Exhibitors Table H05

David Colman

Words by David Colman:
Another successful year for me too….only left my booth for pee breaks…My new Tshirt line debuted very well!

Note: David’s T-Shirts will soon be available on his CTN Artist’s Storefront. Read more

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Eric Goldberg Book Bash
Aug 6, 2008
Samuel French Bookshop

Eric Goldberg and Darrel Van Citters
Click on image to see pictures from the event

Thank you to everyone who came out for the celebration and signing of Eric Goldbergs first book the “Character Animation Crash Course!”. A special thank you to Tee Bosustow, Brian Clift, Tad Gielow, Steve and Janette Huelett, Mark Kausler, Dorse Lanpher, Dori Littel-Herrick, Aubry Mintz, Maddy O’Neil, Tom Sito, Darrel Van Citters, and Lureline Weatherly for taking time our of your busy schedules to drop by. And to Ellen Woodbury and Hendel Butoy your signed books are in the mail.

An extra special thankyou to Eric’s publisher Gwen Feldman for co-hosting this great event and for providing the fabulous refreshments and the venue and to Eric for signing all those books. The place was entirely “yellow” with excitement as over 100 guests complete with “Character Animation Crash Course” books and t-shirts enjoyed food and drink and waited in line to get their personal signature from the creator of the Genie, Director of Pocahantas, CTN member and friend Eric Goldberg.

We had a blast thanks to you. As always we couldn’t do this without you so thanks so much for your continued support.

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Steve Hickner started his animation career at Filmation Studios in the late 1970′s. Both Filmation Studios and Hanna Barbara were literally  talent incubators that gave birth to the artists that went on to create some of the highest grossing feature animated films in what we now refer to as the 2nd Golden Age of Animation. Steve Hickner lived this journey from Assistant Animator at Filmation Studios to Director at Dreamworks Animation.  Recently joining The Creative Talent Network we thought it appropriate to repost this interview done late last year by Tee Bosustow of ToonIn where Steve speaks to the journey of dedication, determination, timing and luck that drove him forward from the late 1970′s through to the 2nd Golden Age of Animation and on up to today as Director at Dreamworks.

Steve Hickner

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Rescuers Down Under

Words and Photos care of Mike Gabriel.

Rescuers Down Under Research trip to Australia. We were the first animation crew at Disney to demand we go to the actual country and do the research before making the film. The studio naturally looked at this as an unnecessary boondogle since it had never been done as far as I know. I vowed to pay my own way if I had to. Peter Schneider relented—or should I say Jeffrey Katzenberg must have relented—-or should I say Michael Eisner must have relented— and allowed us two weeks to explore the continent of Australia. A great experience. This is Joe Ranft, Joe’s first head of story opportunity, and Maurice (Pixote Hunt) our art director at Uluru or Ayres Rock in the middle of the outback. Read more

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Click below listen to this great interview.

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A graduate of Cal Arts in the 70′s Mike Giaimo went through the training program at Walt Disney Feature Animation and held many creative positions culminating after his 18 collective years at the studio as Art Director and Production Designer. Join us with Annie Award winner Mike Giaimo while he talks about being an artist first.

Mike Giaimo and Joe Ranft 1983 G Wing at Walt Disney Feature Animation
(Photo Care of George Scribner)

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From the memoirs of Dorse A. Lanpher “Flyin’ Chunks and Other Things To Duck”

Dorse Lanpher 1975 Walt Disney Animation
(Photo care of Dorse Lanpher)

In1975 I was re-employed by Walt Disney Feature Animation after having spent 12 years living the artist life in the outer world. I had resigned from Disney’s in 1962 thinking animated cartoons just didn’t serve the world. I had an opportunity to go into technical films which I thought would help instruct the world rather than just entertain. Most of the films I worked on in this period were military films which served a wealth of information on how to fight wars, break things and hurt people severely. I eventually came to conclude that contributing art to animated cartoons was a more useful worldly uplifting endeavor. At this time I had become involved in my own company, a partnership with four partners and myself. It was like being married to four people, all guys with too much testosterone. I decided to sell my share in our little concern and seek another job. Fortunately the other guys wanted my shares and Disney’s wanted me back. Well, Disney’s wanted me back after a lengthy interview. At that interview I tried very hard to convince them that I could animate special effects but I had to settle for a position as an assistant animator in the special effects department.

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Click below listen to this great interview.

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Rubén Procopio has been in the animation industry for over 25 yrs., with scholarships to both Cal Arts and Art Center College of Design. He later trained under Eric Larson, one of Disneys legendary nine old men. A chip off the old block he also was trained by his dad Adolfo Procopio, a 35 yr. veteran sculptor at Walt Disney Imagineering. Rubén was instrumental in bringing back the maquette process to feature animated films in the early ’80′s. Having a wide variety of skills from 2d to the 3d world and as an Artistic Supervisor as well as head of departments he has now opened up his own studio appropriately called for his admiration of the masked heros of yesteryear, Masked Avenger Studios, where father and son have joined forces with a combination of over 50 yrs. of experience to make their talents available to the motion picture, animation, toy and collectables community.

Join us with this second generation Walt Disney Animation artist Ruben Procopio while he talks about his experiences and insights.

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