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Interview with Susan McKinsey-Goldberg

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

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SUSAN MC KINSEY GOLDBERG is a renowned animation Art Director and Designer whose work has graced numerous feature films and theme park attractions in the United States, England, and Hong Kong. Her interest in the medium of animation reflects her encyclopedic knowledge of many other artistic disciplines, including Japanese art and textile design, children’s book illustration, costume design, wildlife painting and drawing, and graphic design for film and print.

In school, Susan won many local painting awards and competitions. Her interest in the animal kingdom (both artistic and conservation-oriented) led her to the Florida chapter of the National Audubon Society, where she served as Editor of their magazine. During her college years she received a scholarship and attended the fledgling Character Animation program at California Institute of the Arts. There she was taught first-hand by several of the great Disney animation artists, including director Jack Hannah, designer and story artist T. Hee, layout artist Ken O’ Connor, concept artist Elmer Plummer, and designer Bill Moore, who was among the first to notice Susan’s flair for design and color. This was followed soon by a stint in New York, working as a Background Artist for legendary MGM animator Jack Zander at his popular commercial production house, Zander’s Animation Parlour. It was during this time that she met her future husband Eric, on holiday from working in London, and since their marriage they have often had the enjoyable opportunity to work as a team on a variety of animation projects. (more…)

CTN Builds Community

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008


(Image care of CartoonBrew)

On Oct 14th Fox News LA ran an article entitled Renowned Animator Loses Life’s Work to Marek Fire , Oct 15th CartoonBrew posted about the legendary animator Corny Cole loosing his home and everything in it during the recent fires in Southern California. The next day on Oct 16th The Creative Talent Network launched an on-line fundraiser that went viral and reached out to it’s membership and the animation community worldwide. The CTN fundraiser closed on Oct 24th at midnight after raising $12,168.00.

On behalf of all who helped spread the word and to those who donated I want to personally say “thank you”. CTN will be handing a cashiers check to Corny Cole along with the list of donors. For a complete list of donors click on read more

(These donations were not tax deductible but rather came from the heart.) (more…)

Frank and Ollie by Dan Jeup

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

“I’ve Never Eaten Dog Food”

Words and Images by Dan Jeup
This post care of Steve Moore at Flip Magazine

My first animation assignment at CalArts back in 1981 was to learn how to “in-between”. A large table stacked with xeroxed scenes from the Disney classic features was there for the class to pick from. I chose a scene from Peter and the Wolf featuring the star character sitting down in a huff, kicking the snow. I loved the appeal of his design, the rhythm in his poses, the elasticity of his action and the way his face squashed and stretched.

As I carefully in-betweened the scene, a waft of tobacco smoke blew over my shoulder,……Read More


Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Early 1980′s Cal-Arts


Photo Care of Rusty Mills

From Left to Right:
Geoff Schroder (1/2 pictured), Rusty Mills, Dan Jeup (in front), Gerry Bowers, Steve Moore, Kevin Lima, Kirk Wise, Tim Hauser

Before we all worked together at Walt Disney Feature Animation this group from the early 1980′s of Cal Arts reads like a who’s who in the animation film industry.


From Left to Right:
Mike Show (1/2 pictured), Rusty Mills( Boris Badinoff), Rob Minkoff (Sammy Davis Jr. claus), Steve Moore (blue meanie), Leon Joosen (Jack the ripper?), Mona Koth (Witch), Breth Koth (bum)

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