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Candy Man: The David Klein Story

Title: The Candyman Story
Sponsored by The Creative Talent Network
Length 80 min
Description: Listen and learn about the amazing entrepreneur journey of David Klein.  An eccentric candy inventor’s once-in-a-lifetime epiphany that came in 1976 with the idea for a “new” kind of jellybeans. Jelly Bellies the gourmet candy with realistic flavours developed and created by David Klein revolutionized the industry and became a pop culture phenomenon. Jelly Belly has grown into a billion-dollar enterprise. Candyman is a cautionary tale about a creator who had to choose between a big idea and a bigger heart.

tchonin_thumbModerator Tenny Chonin Director of Artist and Professional Development at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Tenny Chonin combined her teaching and artistic experience to develop programs designed to enrich the creative lives of the Disney artists.

Tenny led the department that conceived and produced all training and enrichment activities for the feature animation division.
Her group provided cross-training, new software training, daily art classes, workshops, seminars, production-specific events,
mentoring and much more. Tenny had the pleasure of working closely with Disney’s studio artists and trainees, apprentices and new hires.  No wonder she proclaims that she had “the best job at Disney Animation.”

Tenny is currently consulting on projects that further the education of animators in film and television.

Motivated by her deep and continuing respect for the artists, Tenny has also created the first online art gallery exclusively representing non-Disney art by Disney artists. SUSPENDED ANIMATION GALLERY

Bert Klein-producer “Candyman:The David Klein Story”
Jennifer Cardon Klein-producer
David Klein- Star of the film.

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