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Enriching Your Art Life by Embracing the Internet: Chris Oatley

Enriching Your Art Life by Embracing the Internet: Chris Oatley

Chris Oatley has worked as a visual development artist and a content creator in the entertainment industries for six years. Chris has worked in visual development on films at Disney and The Weinstein Company. He has developed music videos for Geffen Records and he directed one for EMI. He has also worked in development on several video games from Sony, EA, Konami, Activision and Hasbro. He specializes in character design and development for animation.

Chris spends vast amounts of time creating content for his website, where you can find digital painting tutorials, interviews with working artists, free Photoshop resources, articles about painting, drawing and screenwriting and of course, his own artwork. His goal is to inspire his audience. He loves his wife, Angie more than he can explain and finds that her patience and encouragement has significantly increased his artistic ability. His tiny brown dachshund is named Sydney because Chris and Angie are big ‘Alias’ fans. He dreams of being an art director in animation and of writing and directing feature films (both live action and animated). He currently lives in Venice, California.coatley_thumb

The Future Has Arrived:  Enrich and Extend Your Art Life By Embracing The Internet.

In this session, you will learn how to create, market and distribute your own creative content for little or no money, how to cultivate authentic relationships in online creative communities and  how to monetize digital content.  Most importantly you will learn how the ancient art of sharing knowledge, in light of the possibilities provided by various new media can redefine your artistic future and engage your audience in an unprecedented way.

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