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Creating the Mood

Creating the right visual mood is vital to the success of a story.  In this workshop conducted by Art Director Bill Perkins, artists will cover the critical elements that contribute to creating and maintaining, or advancing the visual mood to reflect the intensity of any story.  Artists will work hands on and discover proven methods to visual clarity.  You are welcome to apply these techniques to you own story, or receive critiques on artwork you have already created.  This workshop will be fast paced and intense to get directly to the issues that will help establish rich and believable visual worlds.

Workshop Instructor Bill Perkins – Art Director Disney During the last 25 years Bill has worked in the animation and film industry on over 26 films, TV shows, DVDs, short films, and video games.  His involvement has ranged from art director, production designer, visual development, layout artist, to storyboard artist.  He began his career as a layout artist at Walt Disney Feature Animation on Oliver and Co. and continued on a string of hits Including: Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast, as lead layout on the critically acclaimed Rescuers Down Under Bill helped introduce a workbook process which embraced the new technologies, added to the cinematic impact visually, and streamlined the layout production process.  As art director on Aladdin, Bill developed the first comprehensive style guide which unified the drawing style of the environments with the characters, to address the overall continuity and look of the film.  He left Disney during Fantasia 2000 after co-art directing the Pines of Rome sequence.  In 1994, Bill moved on to do visual development and art direct for Warner bros. on Jam, visual development for DreamWorks on Shrek, and a production designer for ILM on Frankenstein.  In 2001 Bill opened High Street Studio as an independent preproduction and design studio where he took on contract work with Disney studios on Brother Bear, and worked jointly with DNA Productions, on the Ant Bully, Character Builders, and Disneytoon studios on 101 Dalmatians, Patch’s’ London Adventure, Tarzan II, Brother Bear II, Tinkerbell, and Fox and the Hound II.  In 2005 he worked jointly with the 9th Ray Studio doing visual development, and storyboards, on live action projects such as Outlander (Ascendant Films), John Carter and the Princess of Mars, (Paramount version, unreleased) and The Spiderwick Chronicles (Paramount).  In 2007 after finishing the visual development phase on Bolt, Bill returned to the Walt Disney Studio where he currently des visual development.

Bill Perkins entertainment artwork can be viewed online at:

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