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Goes International Putting Talent Center Stage

Your design challenge is to be as creative as possible in showing us visually about your location in relation to CTNX. Just incorporate our yellow and red “X” brand somewhere in the design with your name and location in the lower right corner and hashtag #CTNxWorld.

It’s easy.    Just Create Your Image | Post to Instagram | and Vote

And CTN will put those with the  most votes  “Center Stage” at the eXpo.


You simply take a picture of your sketch with your phone and post to Instagram or:

1. Create a folder for your sketches on your computer.

2. Connect your Smart Phone to your computer.

3. In iTunes, go to the Photo tab. Select Yes for Sync Photos, and then find your folder.

4. Now you have a specific photo gallery on your Smart Phone.

5. Open Instagram on your Smart Phone.

6. Select the little camera icon to post a new image.

7. Select the double square icon in the lower left corner.

8. Select the image to upload.

Don’t forget the #CTNxWorld in the caption.

Open to both pros, non-pros and students. The CTNxWorld project is on Instagram (ctnanimexpo) or on our Facebook page (

(The image you submit must be created by you and you acknowledge that our use of this image will not violate anyone 3rd party rights.)

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