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Ed Ghertner Art Director

Ed Ghertner Art Director

Ed was born in Texas in 1957 and three weeks later was brought home to Southern California, Where he grew up and resides today. As a child, according to his parents, Ed was always drawing. At the age of thirteen they signed him up for some life drawing classes with the political cartoonist for the Valley News and Green Sheet and got his first taste of formal training. He attended Granada Hills High School where his artistic academic structure was added to by taking classes in architecture and design. His artwork abilities grew, and was asked to create posters for school activities. After graduating high school, Ed was accepted to the California Institute of the Arts in the Disney Character Animation Program and did so from 1976-1980 receiving a BFA in Film/Video. While at Cal Arts Ed received full scholarships for three out of the four years attended. During the Summer of 1978 he worked as a puppeteer on the original, ”Muppet Movie” and as an assistant animator on Ralph Bakshi’s, “Lord of the Rings”. In Ed’s Third year at Cal Arts, Walt Disney Animation offered him a position in the Layout Department. After the excitement wore off a bit he felt he spent so much time learning that he Would like to finish his education and get his degree before moving into the workforce and if the job was still Available the next year he would gladly accept, which he did.

He entered Walt Disney Animation as an assistant Layout artist quickly moving up to Journeyman Layout Artist on the films “The Fox and the Hound”, “The Black Cauldron” short movies development and film clips for Disney theme parks. The next step in his career was to co Art Direct, design and layout for the movie, “The Great Mouse Detective”. Following that Ed decided to leave Disney and explore the world of the “Garfield T.V. Specials” for CBS working with the Film Roman Company supervising layout and art direction for the second through the fifth special. Finishing the Specials his attention returned to Walt Disney Animation only this time it was at their T.V. division starting with Layout Design for the series, “Ducktales” then onto Art Directing and Designing for, “The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” during that time he proved himself as a filmmaker and was promoted to Producer/Director for the second and third seasons of the show in which he received an “Emmy” for his efforts.

A new show appeared on the books at Disney and Ed was called upon to Art Direct the Development then move onto Line Producing for the series ”Tailspin”. After the first season was over, Disney Feature animation called upon his talents to return to the feature side and Supervise Layout and Design for the Academy Award nominated movie, “Beauty and the Beast”. Then it was a trip back to television where he Art Directed and Designed “The Little Mermaid” series having finished that he bounced back to Features once again to assist in Supervising Layout and Designer for “The Lion King”. At this point in timed has found his home again at Feature Animation working the next ten years there doing a multitude of assignments as Layout Supervisor and Designer for, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Atlantis”. Other duties were Layout/Workbook for “Mulan and Layout Designer for short pictures and Special Projects. During his tenure at Feature Animation he has been a member of the Review Board/Artistic Leadership to work with management to increase and decrease staff and to train new hirees. The time came again to leave Disney and venture out to other studios working on projects as a designer such as “The Fat Albert Movie”, “Curious George”, “Hellboy (animated)”, “the Simpson’s” T.V. series and movie DisneyToons Development and Tinker Bell 3 and TBS “Neighbors from Hell”.

Ed has many varied interests outside work. Two of them are being an active member in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Creative Talent Network form it’s inception. Away from the film society Ed’s interests include classic cars, woodworking, sculpting, painting and gardening.

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