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Ed Gombert Storyboard Artist

Ed Gombert Storyboard Artist

I wanted to be a Disney Animator since the age of twelve. After graduating Cal State Long Beach in 1975 I joined the training program at Walt Disney under the patient guidance of Disney Legend Eric Larson. After eight years of climbing the ranks to animator I realized I was becoming increasingly tired of the “talking head shots” that seemed to dominate the storyboards. After suggesting alternate ways of presenting the same material to directors I was finally asked by director Burney Mattinson to board the Willy the Giant sequence for “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”. It wasn’t until “The Little Mermaid” that I was able to make the permanent switch to Story Artist and have never looked back.

After almost thirty years at Disney I left to create storyboards on “Surf’s Up!” for Sony Pictures Animation and then to Dreamworks Animation where I am developing ideas and sequences for an upcoming feature destined to set animation back hundreds of thousands of years.

If I have any guiding philosophy about animation it’s that it should appeal to the widest possible audience. As Frank Thomas once advised me about a choice I was making for a scene I was animating, “Is it something someone other than your mother will like?” Perhaps that is what we will be talking about. Appeal in all its various forms and influences and the people whose work I find appealing.
Help us welcome Ed Gombert to CTN-X 2009.

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