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Flexibility is the Key to Career Longevity

Title: Flexibility is the Key to Career Longevity
Sponsored by The Creative Talent Network
Length 30min


Common sense lessons that seem simple but are key to a having a long career in this business. Darren has built a career on not only his talent but based on being flexible, having a can do attitude and always being willing to be positive and learn new things. Join Dareen for this shot in arm morning presentation and get the day and your career started off on the right foot.

Darren Kiner is a CGI Lighting Artist / Compositor and CGI Supervisor working in visual effects and feature animation. After twenty years in production, his credits include such films as Aladdin, Fantasia 2000, Iron Giant, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, Looney Tunes, X-Men, Thirteen Days, 13 Ghosts, Wind Talkers, Red Planet, Charlie Wilson’s War, GI Joe, and recently Black Swan.

Darren also develops, designs and writes his own properties that combine live action with visual effects and animation. He sold his Balloon Animals property to Exodus Film Group and is slated to direct. Among his many projects, he has recently been developing One Drop of Love, his science fiction romantic comedy. His current resume and demo reel are available on his website:

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