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A Glimpse into the Many Facets of a Career in the World of Animation with H.B. Buck Lewis

Title: A Glimpse into the Many Facets of a Career in the World of Animation with H.B. Buck Lewis
Sponsored by The Creative Talent Network
Length: 45min
Filmed on November 2010

Some focus getting a job while others focus on having a career. Take a privileged look with H.B. Lewis at the multi-faceted  qualities, opportunities and transitions that will weave together to shape the what is known to be a “A Career in this Industry”. Is there a single road map? Is it the same everywhere? Does the journey that goes from project to project fuel the individual artist creative tool box and propel their career forward into other fields and opportunities.  Listen and find out what you want to have … a job or a career.

Moderator Don Hahn produced the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, the first animated film to receive a Best Picture Oscar® nomination from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and to win a Golden Globe® for Best Picture. His next film, The Lion King, broke box office records all over the world to become the top-grossing traditionally animated film in Disney history and a long-running blockbuster Broadway musical. Hahn also served as associate producer on the landmark motion picture Who Framed Roger Rabbit (with Amblin’ Entertainment). His other films include The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and the 2006 short, The Little Matchgirl, which earned Hahn his second Oscar® nomination.

Don made his directorial debut on Waking Sleeping Beauty, a documentary that chronicles the perfect storm of people and circumstances that led to Disney’s animation renaissance in the 1980s and ‘90s. The film played to rave reviews at film festivals in Telluride, Toronto, and the Hamptons, where it won the audience award for best documentary. It was released theatrically in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco in March 2010.

Don’s second documentary, Hand Held, was a personal undertaking and was in the making for several years. The feature length documentary chronicles the story of Boston Globe photographer Mike Carroll, from his horrific discovery of pediatric AIDS in Romanian orphanages to his subsequent 20-year odyssey, fighting against stultifying bureaucracy to bring aid to forgotten children half way around the world.

He is currently developing the stop-motion animated feature Frankenweenie with director Tim Burton, and executive producing Disneynature documentaries. Hahn has also authored three books on the art of animation, including the 2008 book, The Alchemy of Animation, which provides the definitive account of how animated films are created in the modern age.

Don was born in Chicago and studied as a music and art major at Cal State Northridge.

Guest: Development Director ReelFx Studios
“LEFT TERN” 20th Cent Fox, Blue Sky/ Attached to Direct, Story By
“TIBETAN ROCK DOG” Mandoo Pictures/ Character Design

“ARTHUR CHRISTMAS” Aardman Pictures/ Character design
“GNOMEO AND JULIET” Rocket Pictures, Disney Features/ Character Design
“SHEEPISH” Starz Animation, 20th Century Fox/ Character Design
“KUNG FU PANDA”  Dreamworks/ Character Design
“RATATOUILLE”  Pixar/ Character Design & Visual development
“CARS”  Pixar/ Visual Development
“OVER THE HEDGE”  Dreamworks/ Character Design & Visual Development
“ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS” 20th Cent. Fox/ Character Design
“BEE MOVIE”  Dreamworks/ Character Design
“ROBOTS”  20th Cent.Fox/Blue Sky/ Character Design &Visual Development
“MADAGASCAR”  Dreamworks/ Character Design
“ICE AGE”  Fox/Blue Sky/ Visual Development
“LILO AND STITCH”  Disney Feature Animation/ Character Design
“ANT BULLY”  DNA Productions/ Character Design
“ALIENS IN THE ATTIC”  20th Cent. Fox/ Character Design
“TREASURE PLANET”  Disney Feature Animation/ Character Design
“EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE” Disney F.A/ Character Design & Visual Development
“DINOSAUR”  Disney Feature Animation/ Character Design/Visual Development
“TARZAN” Disney Feature Animation/ Character Design & Visual Development
“ANTZ”  Dreamworks/ Character Design
“SCOUT McGILLICUDDY”  TBA, graphic novel series/ Co-written & Illustrated
“THE WINNIE MAE” Harcourt Brace / Written & Illustrated by H.B. Lewis
“OSBERT IN LOVE” Candlewick Press/ Illus. by H.B. Lewis
“MY PENGUIN OSBERT” Candlewick Press/ Illus. by H.B. Lewis
“CAN I HAVE A STEGOSAURUS, PLEASE?  Scholastic/ Illus. by H.B. Lewis
“SANTA BEAR’S FIRST CHRISTMAS”  Dayton Hudson Books/ Illus. by H.B. Lewis
“THE KLUTZ BOOK OF MAGIC” Klutz Press/ Illus. by H.B. Lewis
“THE BEST OF MOTHER GOOSE” Running Press (pop-up book)/ Illus. by H.B. Lewis
“KIDS SHENANIGANS” Klutz Press/ Illus. by H.B. Lewis
SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS, annual awards exhibition
COMMUNICATION ARTS, Award of Excellence
BOLOGNA BOOK FAIR, International Exhibition- Italy and Japan
ART DIRECTORS CLUB of NYC, annual awards

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