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20/20 Visions with Headless Productions

Title: 20/20 Visions with Headless Productions
Hosted by The Creative Talent Network
Length 45 min

Join this innovative creative group and hear first hand how they started collaborating, see some of their  previous works, and find out how they went about creating Headless Productions and what their future goals are. They will be showing teasers for their projects that are in development plus development art and talk about the different ways they are approach each project. The focus will be on what qualities represent being a small company developing feature film projects and the difficulties that arise.

Moderated by Jerry Beck Animation Historian and co-owner of Cartoon Brew

Created at the beginning of 2008, Headless Productions´ members (Adrian Garcia, Alfredo Torres and Victor Maldonado) had already a long professional career in animation. Art directors on several TV shows, switched into feature films with “El Cid: the legend” to immediately direct, write and art direct their debut film “Nocturna”, winner of 2008 Goya and selected in festival such as Venice and Toronto.
With Headless they focus on exclusively the development of in house projects. They created the TV series “How to be a perfect animal” currently in development by the French society Gink-go animation. Also the feature film “The strange case of dad´s missing head” in development with the Parisian company “Neomis animation” (responsible of the animation in such films as “The illusionist”, “Curious George” or “Asterix and the vikings”)

Besides the development of personal projects they regularly collaborate on the advertising area or creating title credits for feature film (as the French blockbuster “Gainsbourg: une vie heroique”) and develop scripts for other companies such as “Feathers united” for the Spanish company Sixbirds.

Headless Productions is three characters, a single mind… no head at all. They have been working together on animated features for quite a while; they even convinced someone to let them spend a few years directing their own feature film. But even after that, they are still itching to make new stuff. Quality animation, fresh design, no holds barred creativity. The Headless team is just looking forward to blowing some minds…and heads! CTN is proud to present the team from Headless Productions at CTNX 2010.

Started their carrier in Barcelona in 1998 as character designers for at D´Ocon Films productions where for a couple of years they developed different TV shows. Right after opened their own services studio “Mad Hatter Studios” where they worked for companies as B.R.B or Cromosoma doing storyboards and design. After that moved to Filmax Productions where they stayed for a long period moving into the art direction for several feature film projects such as “EL CID: the legend” (winner of several prizes in 2004 and, at the moment, the highest animation box office for an Spanish production). After that they made their directorial debut with the feature film “Nocturna” that they also wrote and design. The movie won the Goya to best animation movie in 2007 and was selected at festivals such as Venice and Toronto. In 2008 along with Alfredo Torres they created Headless Studio.


In 2000 started his professional trajectory specialized on the Layout and Background field. Work in several productions for Toon Factory till he became in 2001 one of the lead background artists for the feature film “EL CID: the legend”, alternating that with some work as an animator. In 2005 he moved to Barcelona and started working for Filmax Animation for the production “Nocturna” first as a creative background designer to move into storyboard and finally becoming one of the art designers and first assistant director. In 2008 became main partner on Headless Production.

Headless Studio Reel

Headless studio reel 2010 from Headless Productions on Vimeo.

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