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CTNX is a Hit —- See and Hear the Amazing Things that Happened at CTNX 09

And the survey says …….. “CTN animation eXpo is a HIT!”

Historians tell us that the most important ingredient for a Renaissance is an openness to new ideas and external traditions. For example, the Great Renaissance which began in 14th century Europe resulted from the new cross fertilization of biblical traditions, classical Greek philosophical traditions, and Islamic influences.

In this same spirit, CTN-X is receptive to a cross section of technologies and talent that have came together to create the medium we know to be “Animation”. This event demonstrates the value of keeping your mind and eyes open to the many opportunities that are ahead.

After 5 years of hosting smaller events The Creative Talent Network (CTN) was proud to present the first annual CTN animation eXpo at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center.

Often referred to as “The Animation Epicenter”, it’s no secret that Burbank has long been home to the mega animation studios employing over 30,000 people who both participate and  support this industry.

“We are proud to host the first-ever Animation Expo,” says Burbank’s Deputy City Manager Joy Forbes. “Our city is known around the world for its state-of-the-art studios and production facilities. This will be such a tremendous occasion for the most talented animators in the country and we look forward to their arrival in November.”

And to show their support Burbank Mayor Gary Bric presented Tina Price, the founder of the Creative Talent Network, with an official declaration proclaiming “Animation Week” in the city of Burbank each and every year encouraging everyone to attend.

After much anticipation and preparation the doors opened on Nov 20-22, 2009 to world class talent from Ireland, England, Germany, Canada and the US along with a very special endorsement from one of if not the most influential cartoonists of this century, Ronald Searle.

“I am happy for my name to be used in association with the CTN-Xpo.  I am very pleased to be honored like this & quite surprised that people still think of me!” ~ Ronald Searle.

So with over 2800 attendees, this first year big small event clearly has a huge future.

More details are coming soon about CTNX 2009 but here’s a peak at what others are saying:









Mark your calendars for Nov 19-21, 2010 when the Creative Talent Network will once again be “IN THE HOUSE”! Registration opens in March 2010.

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