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Laura Dubuk and Tabitha Fisher Animation Artists

Laura Dubuk and Tabitha Fisher Animation Artists

Laura Dubuck
Living in downtown Seattle Washington, Laura is currently a visual designer at Valve Software. She graduated with a BFA in Animation, yet she quickly found her passion creating worlds and characters that don’t really exist.

During her schooling, she began her games career working on Half-Life 2, and has since designed, modeled and textured environments for projects like Team Fortress 2, and Portal2.

She moonlights as an oil painter, salsa dancer and rides around on her 1973 Raleigh cruiser.
Laura Dubuk: Check out her blog at

Tabitha Fisher
Tabitha finds adventure through drawing. Currently based in Toronto, she is working as a Designer/ Layout Artist at various downtown studios. On free days, she can be found exploring vast metropolitan settings with her sketchbook in hand!

Lately she has been fascinated with all things urban. On a summer sketchbook expedition to Paris, she plans to document her uniquely Canadian experience while fumbling her way through French.Laura Dubuk and Tabitha Fisher Animation Artists
Tabitha Fisher: Visit her blog at

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