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Thank You For Everything “Moebius”

“Moebius” was in the house at CTNX the weekend of Nov 19-21, 2010.
This exclusive US appearance of JEAN GIRAUD “MOEBIUS” was made possible by The Creative Talent Network®.

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (May 8, 1938 – March 10, 2012) (alias Moebius or Gir) was a legendary author and comic strip artist. In 1963, under the name Gir he and Jean-Michel Charlier, then director of Pilote, created the series Blueberry. Following the death of Charlier, Jean Giraud continued this series, which currently counts about thirty albums. As co-creator in 1975 of the magazine MŽtal Hurlant and the publishing house Les Humano•des AssociŽs, Jean Giraud developed the unique style which he signed Moebius, publishing such groundbreaking works as Arzach (1976) and Le Garage hermŽtique (1979) that revolutionized the art of comics. In 1980, he collaborated with Alexandro Jodorowsky on a new series L’Incal and later worked on numerous films.

Since the middle of the 1950s, Jean Giraud developed a variety of styles, from the detailed realism of Blueberry, to the dreamlike drawings of Arzach or 40 days dans le DŽsert B. He was particularly well-known for his extraordinarily refined and strangely metaphysical visions of the future with intricately designed spacecraft, crystalline landscapes, and hybrid creatures.

Internationally recognized, his work has profoundly influenced the worlds of science fiction, animation, publicity, 3D imagery and video games for over thirty years. His drawings have also attracted the attention of great filmmakers who have asked him to collaborate on a number of films including Luc Besson’s 5th Element, James Cameron’s Abyss, Steven Lisberger’s Tron, Ridley Scott’s Alien, and RenŽ Laloux’s Les Ma”tres du temps (storyboard) among many others. In 1997, he and his wife Isabelle founded the publishing house Moebius Production / Stardom where together they publish books including, most recently, volume six of the Inside Moebius series, which was released in January 2010. They also make prints and organize exhibitions of his work throughout the world.

The Creative Talent Network® was proud to present the exclusive US appearance of legendary comic artist and designer Jean Giraud “Moebius” in an “An Evening with Moebius”.

Guests enjoyed a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and see Jean Giraud in this exclusive rare appearance . The evening was moderated by Animation Director John Musker in a 75 min presentation complete with artwork examples, discussion and Q+A.

Having not been in the United States for over 15 years “An Evening with Moebius” was specifically designed to promote a “special event” atmosphere in an intimate environment for both the artist and the guests. The intention was to focus on the celebration of the genius and talent behind this National Treasure of France, Jean Giraud “Moebius” through a moderated interview / discussion format.

Thank you both Jean and Isabelle and John Musker for this amazing opportunity to share in a rare moment of greatness at CTN.

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