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Olivier Tossan Visual Development Artist

Olivier Tossan Visual Development Artist

OLIVIER TOSSAN  grew up in Paris but has been living in Berlin for the last ten years. He comes from the world of scene design and illustration drawing. As a logical step, the world of story telling and entertainment now rises to the topmost level of his creations.


Like the Mary Poppins’ characters, his dream is now to step into his animated pictures drawn with chalk on the sidewalk by the entrance of the park.

Blue Sky animation studios in Greenwich (CT) were the first to offer him a way into their projects.

The CTN Animation Expo is for Olivier Tossan a unique opportunity to present his work which includes portfolios, postcards and digital prints. Taking part would also mean for him enjoying meeting and getting to know other artists and professionals.

“Think of the happiest thing, it’s the same as having wings”- Peter Pan, 1953 – Walt Disney Production.

Come meet master illustrator Olivier Tossan at CTN-X
CTN Member Olivier Tossan

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