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Ovi Nedelcu Character Designer

Ovi Nedelcu Character Designer

Ovi was born in Romania, in 1979. He was one year old when his dad escaped communism and ran for the border. After reaching America, he flew his family and Ovi to New York, then to Chicago, then to Arizona,
then to LA, then finally to Sacramento.

Ovi llater attended school at the academy of art in SF. after two years he
left school and moved back to LA to work for Warner Bros animation doing Visual-Development, Character Design, Storyboarding, shooting
rubber-bands across cubicles and what not.

After studio hopping for 5 years Ovi decided to move to Portland (OR).
He is currently working at LAIKA, working on children’s books and always developing new projects.

“I realize life is short and then you die, so I try to
make the best of what God has given me. I’m thankful for
all the Lord’s blessings.” Ovi Nedelcu

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