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Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor

Please help us give a warm welcome back to Animation Mentor as Sponsors of CTN. AMers will be on the exhibit floor, co-hosting the CTN-X launch party, workshops, special giveaways, demo reel reviews, special guests at booth, and much more!

Animation Mentor is a state-of-the-art online animation school focused on teaching the art and craft of animation. The school catalogue includes workshops (Maya Workshop: Animation Basics) and programs (Character Animation Program and Animals & Creatures: Master Class).

Students learn face-to-face from the same professionals who are animating their favorite characters on the big screen … not to mention on TV and in the video games they love. Mentors conduct classes online and use the school’s proprietary eCritique® tool to hold one-on-one sessions with students where they can draw directly on the work and offer support, guidance, and feedback. From these comments, students refine their shots for the next review — just like the professionals do in the studios.

This real-world approach teaches students to focus on each of the important aspects of animation within the framework of a production environment. By learning to receive and integrate feedback, Animation Mentor students graduate ready to contribute on their first day on the job as real professional animators. For more information, visit

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