CoachFullWeb1AnimSchool is the premiere school for learning 3D animation, modeling and rigging. Student learn in live web sessions with working 3D professionals. We teach a broad curriculum so students are well prepared for the 3D workforce.

AnimSchool students learn from pros working at top studios like Blue Sky Studios, Dreamworks, Disney and Pixar. They share their passion with aspiring artists after their full-time production jobs. We have 8 staff members and over 24 instructors each term.

AnimSchool students have almost continuous interaction, help, and problem solving with our full-time pros! We work hard to respond to student issues quickly — often very fast on our student Facebook group.

Founded in 2010, now over 200 students are studying in our two programs, where the students Make Characters and Move Characters.

AnimSchool is interactive! Students interact constantly in classes, five extra review sessions for all students (General Reviews), technical help sessions,  a free drawing class with industry pros, a student web hangout, a very active student Facebook page, forums, and meAnimSchoolWebClass4ssaging. Our students are excited about learning these 3D skills, so they approach each of their assignments with passion.

AnimSchool students learn to specialize in a particular field, while also learning supporting skills so students are well prepared for the 3D workforce.

We Love Characters!
AnimSchool is the home of the well-known “Malcolm” character and the amazing AnimSchool Picker. Our free characters and Picker GUI have been downloaded by over 15,000 users worldwide.

AnimSchool 3D animation students get to use (and learn from) the gold-standard in industry 3D characters, giving their work extra flexibility, appeal, and expression.

AnimSchool is a registered certificate-granting school: two 21-month programs are available, and some students join for individual classes as well.

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