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Anthony Rivera and Sergio Paez – StoryboardArt,LLC

Anthony Rivera and Sergio Paez – StoryboardArt,LLC


We are the gathering place for education, critique, and the advancement of storytelling in live action film, animation, and sequential art. As a united professional community you can learn from your peers and get the latest trends in the movie and media business. Join our member discussions in the forums or post your comments on our blog. We are an avenue to showcase your art, find work, and collaborate with other industry professionals. Sign up for free or join as a story professional to take advantage of our networking tools.


At the core of StoryboardArt is our educational focus. Learning about visual storytelling is difficult if you do not have insider access to the film or animation industry. Through our ongoing classes, videos, and workshops we teach the story principles that are not commonly found in art schools or traditional learning environments. The materials we offer have been collected from on-the-job training in actual production studios and our courses are taught by working professionals. We host workshops and seminars both online and onsite to teach students and professionals the all important techniques for professional storytelling. Find out more


In addition to our educational focus, we also offer professional production services for Live action film, animation, and video games. We give you the industry’s best communication and project management. Tight deadlines? Our story crew will come through to meet your schedule. We can handle your story reel animatics, character and concept designs, background designs, and full Previz/3D animated story reels. Our clients have included: Lucas Animation, Autodesk, Activision, Yahoo!, Turtle Rock Studios, GREE, Inc., Metanoia Films, Ghostbot, Inc., Mekanism, Kno, Inc., Wacom.  Find out more


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Sergio Paez: is a San Francisco artist specializing in storyboards, animation, and visual development for TV, feature film, and games.His animation credits in the United States and Europe include projects for Pixar, Lucasfilm, Sony, and Sega. Sergio’s work is featuredin The Art of Clone Wars published by Chronicle Books, in The Art of Darkwatch, published by Design Studio Press, and wasfeatured at the Totoro Forest Project Art Exhibition. Sergio’s latest book Professional Storyboarding is the definitive guide for thestory professional. You can see more of Sergio’s work at







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Anthony Luis Rivera has been fortunate enough to have met and worked with amazing artists, and work with fantastic clients to visualize there ideas. He has also had been allowed to help others with giving them the necessary tools to reach there own goals through Anthony, looks forward to many more years of experience in this industry. Anthony can be found working on contracts, developing client relations, project management, artist recruitment for the services group, and spamming our social media with useful topics and items he thinks others would enjoy. Anthony enjoys movies, music, the golden era of American Illustration, manga, comic books, anime and animation.





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