Benjamin Burch – Burchworks Owner / Director

Benjamin Burch – Burchworks Owner / Director

Hi! I’m Ben. I am an artist and have been blessed enough to make a living as such in animation production for the past ten years. During that time, I have worked in various capacities starting as a traditional 2d animation assistant and working my way through different disciplines of production from animating, designing, visual development, and art directing, to directing for my own production studio, Burchworks.

I started my career at Nickelodeon where I worked as a junior animator for Nick Jr. ‘s “Little Bill”. After that, I went to work helping as an assistant on a traditional 2d short, “Robot Song”, at a smaller start up studio in Brooklyn, Augenblick Studios. “Robot Song” was made to promote a feature idea and won some awards in the International Film Festival in San Francisco. My restless soul didn’t keep me in New York, however. Fast forward a bit and I found myself with other pioneers and explores in the NW wilds of Oregon. In Portland I have done everything from visual development for Laika features, to animating, character designing, storyboarding, and art directing on various commercials at Bent Image Lab. While working for Renegade Studios I made a more permanent switch from animation to design while working on the first season of “The Mr. Men Show”. I currently direct my own projects, head up Burchworks and paint for various gallery exhibits. Where the dusty trail will take me next, who can tell? Life is a constant journey.

I grew up in a military family and moved all over the world while growing up with strong ties to my mother’s side of the family in New England. With a long heritage of ship captains and mariners in my family, the nomadic way of life suited me just fine. I’ve lived everywhere from Germany to Panama, Hawaii to Colorado. When I was you

but was encouraged by my father and the rest of my family to follow my dreams, work hard, and to always explore.

In a world of fast cuts, MTV style editing, multi million dollar budgets, and effects, I am most inspired by older films which draw you in through look, feel, and environment like Sergio Leone’s “Once Upon A Time In the West”.  Developing a character and taking the viewer along for the ride on their journey from point a to b like “Vanishing Point”.   When I was a young, short like “Paul Bunyan” and “Toot, Plunk, Whistle, Boom” introduced me to the art of Ward Kimball.  Along with Kimball, other artists like Pablo Picasso inspired me to take the skills I’ve gained through my artistic journey, simplify shapes, run what I see through my own “filter” and put it

down for others to see.  I also studied Jazz in school and as a bass player I am also highly inspired by music.  Whether it is visual or musical, the ability to express feeling to others has always been a fascination to me.  I hope you enjoy my work, I’m happy to share with you what I have discovered and I hope you take something away to inspire your own journey.