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Brent Noll Illustrator

Brent Noll Illustrator

Brent Noll is an Animation Illustrator and Designer,   Brent has worked at Starburns Industries, on the new Adult Swim series “Rick and Morty”.  As well some of Starburns’ other projects including Character Development for Community creator Dan Harmon’s “HarmonQuest”.   Brent Has also assisted in Concept work for Star Trek Final Frontier,  which is an ongoing project focused on creating pre-production art for a serialized Animated Star Trek Production.  He has also Art Directed for Web Animation company “How it Works Media” which creates animated explanation videos and Web Commercials.   Although Brent has a Degree in Fine art,  His formal art training took place at Sea world San Antonio,  where he worked as a caricature artist drawing goofy faces of the park patrons.



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