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Brett 2D Bean

Brett “2D” Bean


Character Designer & Visual Development Artist

After asking to be a drummer to his mother at an early age, Brett Bean was handed a piece of paper and a pencil because it was, “much more quiet.” Unbeknownst to his mother and her simple gesture of headache reduction methodology, she spurred on the career of a full-fledged character design and visual development artist.


Since those fateful years, Brett has contributed to Film, TV, games both digital and analog, pitches, manuals, and books.  His Client list Includes Disney TV, Nickelodeon, Nerd Corps., Wizards of the Coast, Bento Box, Shadow Machine, The Hub, Space time Studios, Leap Frog, Rumble Inc., Kellogg’s, Gazillion Entertainment., Big Idea Entertainment, Imagine FX and More.


With a passion for travel, caffeine, volleyball, Tom Waits, and speaking in the a 3rd person vernacular, Brett currently free-lances, teaches, and lives with his wife Julie, a brilliant jewelry designer, in Pasadena, CA.
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When not working for clients he is busy on his first graphic novel called Space Out! and fine tuning his own pitches for the screen. He is available for freelance and full time opportunities.

His website can be found at


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