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Brittney Lee Artist

Brittney Lee Artist

Brittney has been with CTN from the beginning where in 2009 she participated in Raising the Bar Recruiting and was scooped up by Walt Disney Animation Studios and has been creating for them in their Visual Development Department ever since. Help us congratulate and welcome her back to CTN this year where she will be exhibiting and demonstrating her talent.

Brittney Lee has had a passion for drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil! After graduating from the Film and Animation program at the Rochester Institute of Technology, she journeyed across the country to her new home in San Francisco. Brittney , as a freelance animator, designer and visual development artist, has contributed to projects for Three Rings Design, Zynga, Huckleberry Toys, and Universal Studios. In her rare moments of spare time, Brittney loves to explore the Bay Area and watch lots of movies. Brittney is currently working as a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation.



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