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Daniel James Best

Daniel James Best

Daniel James Best has been a student of local (and online) book stores, learning from generous professionals via their books and luckily, sometimes their friendly advice (he’s also a graduate of the University of Technology, Sydney’s Bachelor of Information Technology program). Plus, invaluable Schoolism and local art courses too.

In the Fall of 2012 he’s attending Concept Design Academy in Pasadena.

Globally oriented with long term stays in Hong Kong and France as a student and vagabond respectively, he’s also developed an astute sense for business with extensive professional experience, most recently in Disney Media Distribution.

Always a dedicated admirer of the world of entertainment design, he would like to chime in, with an aim to say something worth saying in shapes, lines and colors. Enchanted by the scent of freshly sharpened pencils and the challenge of a white piece of paper he has no choice but to pursue this passion on the page (or screen, pencils nearby), entailing all technical and aesthetic elements of art.

He’s drawn especially to animation for aesthetics and story, as well as because of its encouragement to engage totally in life, be flexible in one’s thinking and to keep learning and exploring. He also adores cinematic orchestral scores, languages, people watching, our big zoological world and loves drawing.

In the future he hopes to create and help create book and film narratives. And, is excited by the prospect of clawing away towards greater technical proficiency and versatility in multiple mediums.

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