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Dean Yeagle Animator/Director/Designer

Dean Yeagle Animator/Director/Designer

Dean Yeagle has spent most of his career in animation, working first for Zander’s Animation Parlour in New York City and then with his own animation company, Caged Beagle Productions. In 2000, he began drawing cartoons for Playboy Magazine, and continues to do so on a regular basis. He publishes books featuring his character ‘Mandy’, and does design work and consulting for animation, corporate clients, comic books, children’s books and advertising, and appears at comic conventions throughout the world. He has had a one-man show at Galerie Arludik in Paris (2008). He is married to Barbara, has a daughter Rebecca, son-in-law Nick, and granddaughter (and pure joy) Lily. They all live in Southern California.

Recent works:

Scribblings (2003)
Scribblings 2 (2004)
One Mandy Morning (2005)
The Cow in Apple Time (Beekman & Hathaway, pub., 2005)
Mandy & Skoots Sculpture (Electric Tiki, 2005)
Scribblings 3 (2006)
Designing Mandy DVD (Contagious Concepts, 2006)
Mandy’s Shorts (Brandstudio, 2007)
Mélange (Akileos, Paris 2007)
The Return of the Gremlins (Dark Horse Comics 2008)
The Mandy Portrait Gallery (Brandstudio, 2008)
Mandy Godiva (Brandstudio, 2009)
Sketchbook Yeagle (Comix Buro, Paris, 2009)
‘Suzette’ sculpture (Attakus, Paris, 2010)
Mandy sculpture (coming 2010, Electric Tiki)
Scribblings 4 (2010)

Dean’s websites are and ; He attributes his long career in cartooning to his utter incompetence at pretty much everything else.

Dean and Barbara have a daughter, Rebecca, who is an interior designer, a son-in-law, Nick, who is in film production, and a granddaughter, Lily, who is a cutie-pie.

Join Dean Yeagle at CTN-X and see him drawing live bringing his character Mandy to life.

Tony White has worked with Richard Williams at his London studio and studied with Ken Harris and Art Babbit; later he opened his own studio there, Animus Productions.  Producer and director of many award-winning films, including the masterful ‘Hokusai’.  A writer of essential animation textbooks through Focal Press, he also created and produces the ’2D or Not 2D’ animation festival in Seattle and the non-profit Animaticus Foundation, dedicated to preserving, teaching and evolving the art of 2D animation . Tony currently supervises the senior film & game project classes at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA, where he was the former Dean of Art and Animation. He resigned that post to concentrate on teaching, writing and developing new projects.
Honorary MFA, Henry Cogswell College, Everett, Washington for exceptional achievements in animation  (2002)
LSIA in Graphic Design, Typography and Illustration, East Ham Technical College, London, England:  - with an additional year independent study in illustration under the supervision of award-winning illustrator, Ralph Steadman. Finalist in the national ‘Letraset Student Awards’ and published work in ‘European Illustration Annual’.
AIE-Seattle:  (2011 – present) Animation Program Director & Instructor.
DigiPen Institute of Technology:  (2005 – 2011) Former Dean of Art & Animation Department (resigned to concentrate on teaching work) and currently Senior Lecturer & Program Advisor, teaching “Advanced Animation for Portfolio” classes, as well as supervisor of senior 2D & 3D film and game projects. Previously taught “2D Animation” and “Sprite animation” production classes. Familiarity with: Maya, ToonBoom Studio, Photoshop and all foundational/advanced hand-drawn (2D) Animation techniques.
Henry Cogswell College: (2001 until I was headhunted by DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2005. Taught classes in “2D Animation”, “Direction”, “Storyboarding & Animatics” and “History of Animation”.
ANIMUS PRODUCTIONS (1978-1998 – Owner/producer) Creating commercials, short films and television specials. At Animus I directed/animated/produced over 200 Cinema & TV commercials – winning many Clio, Mobius, London International Advertising and/or Creative Circle awards. I also directed 10-part live action/CG TV drama series, “The Ink Thief”, starring ‘Rocky Horror Show’ creator, Richard O’Brien. I also won a US-based ‘Blue Ribbon Award’ for 30-minute animated TV Special for PBS, “Cathedral” – and also directed “Pyramid” immediately after that.
BRITISH ACADEMY AWARD (1978) for animated short film, “HOKUSAI ~ An Animated Sketchbook”.
RICHARD WILLIAMS STUDIO (1972 – 1978) Apprenticed personally with Richard Williams (3 times Oscar winner and author of “The Animator’s Survival Kit”) Ultimately became director/animator on many international award-winning commercials over a 5-year period. Wrote, directed, designed and animated the titles for “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” movie titles. (Winner of the prestigious British ‘D&AD Silver Award’.)
HALAS & BATCHELOR studio. (1966 – 1972) Began as ‘Junior Background Artist’. Ultimately appointed ‘Head of Design & Backgrounds’. Wrote and directed the short “Quartet” (winner of the Chicago Film Festival’s ‘Condition of Man’ competition) and “A Short, Tall Story” (festival award winner and used by the United Nations to promote peace around the world). Worked on TV Series, “Tom Foolery” and “Jackson Five”
ANIMATICUS FOUNDATION:  (Established 2006) Founder and President. The Animaticus Foundation is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit, the mission of which is to preserve, teach and evolve the art form of traditional 2D animation in our digital age.
2D OR NOT 2D ANIMATION FESTIVAL: Seattle, Washington. (Just completed its 5th successful year.) Creator and Founder.
ANIMATOR’S NOTEBOOK – book (October, 2011/Focal Press).
Online: ANIMATOR’S NOTEBOOK series: (2010 – 2011/Focal Press) 12 downloadable digital tutorials on key principles of animation, specifically: “Process and principles of animation”, “Generic walks”, “Stylized walks”, “Personality walks”, “Quadruped walks”, “Runs”, “Jumps”, “Weight”, “Arcs and anticipation”, “Overlapping action”, “Fluidity and flexibility” and “Basic dialogue”. Available online via the Focal Press website and the author’s own blogsite.
JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS: The Animation Job Coach: (2010/ Author. The most current book published on the subject of students getting a job (and staying) in the animation industry. Researched in the summer of 2010 and written in the fall, all aspects of the industry were approached for feedback – large to small film & game studios, forensic animation studios, medical animation studios, online animation forums, etc.

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