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Dominick R. Domingo

Dominick R. Domingo

Before graduating with distinction from Art Center College of Design, Dominick R. Domingo  interned at Disney Feature Animation, training in various aspects of the animation process. After graduating, he spent ten years with Disney Feature as a concept artist and background painter, in both Los Angeles and Paris.

His Disney credits include Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Little Match Girl, and One by One. He also maintained a roster of independent clients including ORION Pictures, Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, the Pacific Design Center, Comedy Central, and Wizards of the Coast. In the nineties Dominick illustrated a number of Books for Young Readers for Harcourt, Putnam, Penguin, Random House and Lowell House.

Dominick has taught at Art Center for over fifteen years,the first to offer Entertainment electives within the Illustration program.

In 2001 he attended the New York Film Academy and shifted his attention to directing live action films. His award-winning live-action films led him to a writing resume in the form of original screenplay credits. Around the same time, two of his narrative nonfiction essays were accepted into anthologies, one of which won the Solas award for Best Travel Writing in the humor category. The Nameless Prince, Dominick’s foray into Young Adult Urban Fantasy, was released in July from Twilight Times Books. He is currently working with several artists on the graphic novel version, as well as the sequel to the novel. Dominick currently divides his time betweenteaching, his own projects, and working in house for companies such as Blue Sky, Animation Lab in Israel, RGH, and Disney Interactive.

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