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Donnachada Daly Animator

Donnachada Daly Animator

Donnachada Daly is an animator and illustrator. He is also the creator and pioneer of 3D Illustration. His artwork has broken the boundaries of the page and can be viewed in 3D without using 3D glasses.

He has worked as a Directing Animator on Shrek, Shrek 2, Madagascar and Antz. He began as a cel painter when given a chance at 16 to work at Sullivan Bluth Studios on “An American Tail”. Two years later he was training as an animator and has been animating since. His latest features were “Over The Hedge”, “Bee Movie”, “Monsters Vs Aliens” and “Shrek 4″.

He has worked for Sullivan Bluth Studios, Rich Animation Studios, Warner Brothers and is now at Dreamworks Animation.

Beyond his studio work, Donnachada published his second art book “Depth Charge, 3D Illusions” in 2008. In this book, the page no longer has boundaries of a flat surface, but becomes a world of depth the viewer can look into and explore.  His groundbreaking book and other items will be available at the CTN Expo.

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