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Doug TenNapel Author and Illustrator

Doug TenNapel Author and Illustrator

CTNX 2012
On location, Burbank C

CTN knows that there are many steps to becoming a successful creator. Seeing, listening, learning from and interacting with other passionate professionals may be the main key to your success. CTN understands this, and so every year we gather extraordinary people from every corner of our industry. We seek out talent not just from the usual sources because we believe that by bringing together multiple voices from different disciplines is the only way to create those extraordinary insights and experiences that can only come from the most unexpected connections.

To that end CTN is extremely proud to announce the attendance of one of the most remarkable and versatile artists. Doug TenNapel (writer/artist Earthworm Jim, Creature Tech, Catscratch) will be on the exhibit floor with his latest books, sketches, original comic pages and providing portfolio critiques. Plus, you won’t want to miss his live demonstrations and presentations on taking an idea from concept to page to print.

Doug TenNapel As one of the groundbreaking video game creators in the mid-90’s, Doug TenNapel took the medium by storm with the landmark game Earthworm Jim, an odd array of quirky action, non-sequitor humor, and game play innovation. DreamWorks took note of this and hired him to continue pushing games forward with The Neverhood and several other games.

His work in comics has been equally influential, being described as “one of my favorite comic creators” by Guillermo del Toro. With ten books to his name TenNapel has created a body of work both visually engaging and heartfelt, featuring an iconoclastic mix of science fiction, philosophy, and the Judeo-Christian worldview. Although an artist at heart, Doug’s focus on story-structure is what separates him from the rest, even lecturing on the subject around the world. Seeing the potential in these stories Hollywood has scooped up the rights to several of his graphic novels: Creature Tech with Fox/New Regency, Tommysaurus Rex with Universal, Monster Zoo with Sam Raimi/Paramount and Ghostopolis with Disney starring Hugh Jackman.

Outside of all of this, TenNapel has found the time to create the Nickelodeon show Catscratch, the internet serial Sockbaby, featuring Dan and Jon Heder and Hellboy’s Doug Jones, produced the internet short Go Sukashi with Japanese multiplatinum pop-star Shoko Nakagawa, and a puppet animated sequence for The Sarah Silverman Show and the Spongebob Squarepants Christmas Special.  He lives in Glendale, California with his beloved wife of twenty years, four children, and a sprawling amphibian sanctuary. TenNapel’s latest graphic novel is Cardboard through Scholastic. See his latest web comic can be read at .

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“I like to take ownership of whatever job I do. If I do the dishes, then that is my self expression for that moment. The way we do everything says a lot about who we are. Drawing is just one kind of job, and in many ways it’s not much different from digging ditches. On some level, it’s still just rearranging molecules for an increment of money or self satisfaction. The difference between ditch digging and webcomics is that more people from a broader cross-section of  humanity will likely use and enjoy the work of the ditch digger.” — Doug TenNaple


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