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Eduardo Avenir II Animator

Eduardo Avenir II Animator

Eduardo, or Edo as he is sometimes called, currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.  He has been drawing ever since he was a kid.  Thankfully, he has continued his passion for art since graduating from the Bachelor of Animation program at Sheridan College where his student film ‘The Lion’s Den’ won Best 2d Animation Award for 2008.

Eduardo has worked on the following projects:  ‘The Dark Years’ (Chuck Gammage Animation), ‘Cyberchase’ and ‘Bob and Doug’ (Pip Animation) and most recently ‘Ugly Americans’ (Cuppa Coffee Studios).   Besides being an animator, Eduardo equally enjoys designing and painting, some of which can be seen on his blog Http://, which he shamefully admits to not updating as much as he should.

Please say hi and stop by his table which he will be sharing with friend and talented artist Lettie Lo.

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